Rodney Scott’s Whole Hog Barbecue

The Washington Post, trying, one hopes, to inspire someone in the Washington area to make some decent barbecue, has published a profile of Rodney Scott, a recent James Beard Award winner.  Rodney Scott is a second generation pit man.  His father, Roosevelt Scott, made Scott’s Barbecue in Hemingway, South Carolina famous among barbecue eaters. Word eventually reached the non-barbecue world via a 2009 article in the … Continue reading Rodney Scott’s Whole Hog Barbecue

Reheating Barbecue in Really Bad Weather

I have written about re-heating leftover barbecue, and about cooking barbecue in bad weather.  I had occasion recently to do both under circumstances that would have daunted the weather-tolerant Persian couriers memorialized the US Postal Service per Herodotus. We had company over on a day in which, as it turned out, over 8 inches of rain fell on Washington – or so I hear.  My own … Continue reading Reheating Barbecue in Really Bad Weather

Betty’s Bar-B-Q, Anniston, Alabama

I was excited to try Betty’s Bar-B-Q, mainly because it was a chance to reconnect with Rena Comisac, a friend and former boss when I was at Justice.  She’s a wonderful person, and very tolerant.  (On the day I became eligible for my big fat pension, I told another former supervisor, Steve Rosenbaum, that having passed my “Go to hell” birthday, I was going to … Continue reading Betty’s Bar-B-Q, Anniston, Alabama

Myron Mixon’s Pitmaster Barbecue, Alexandria, Virginia

I had a call from Doug Jacobson, the Kansas City Barbecue Maven, suggesting we check out yet another DC area barbecue place.  With that same irrational triumph of hope over experience that accounts for Mickey Rooney’s second through eighth marriages, I leapt at the chance. We picked Mixon’s because it was #5 on the hilarious Washington Post 2017 Best Barbecue list (they’ve since come out … Continue reading Myron Mixon’s Pitmaster Barbecue, Alexandria, Virginia

The Best Barbecue Places in the Washington Area

The Washington Post, bless its heart, took another stab at choosing the 10 best barbecue places in the DC area, and found 11.  Their article, if not the barbecue, has improved considerably over the Post’s “Best Barbecue” article in its 2016 Going Out Guide, the subject of this blog post.  The 2016 piece was a ludicrous effort to pretend that there actually are 10 good barbecue places … Continue reading The Best Barbecue Places in the Washington Area

Sunshine Grill, Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

You may know of the Sunshine Grill for its World Famous Island Fish Tacos.  Or you may not, since World Famous doesn’t necessarily mean that every single person in the world knows of them.  I did not.  I can assure you, though, that the Sunshine Grill has really good fish tacos, among other fine qualities, and that you should put it on your list of … Continue reading Sunshine Grill, Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

Heritage Kitchen, West Bay, Grand Cayman

You have to love the Heritage Kitchen.  It has it all.  An oceanside view, outdoor tables, lots of chickens running around, and some very good seafood.  It’s where you go to traditional Caymanian seafood in a very “Island” atmosphere.  Take a look. There are some tables outside, overlooking the ocean, and a brood of chickens wandering about, cleaning up after messy diners.  The  menu is on … Continue reading Heritage Kitchen, West Bay, Grand Cayman

The Best Barbecue in Every Alabama County

Here’s a handy resource from, the online vestige of daily newspapers in Alabama’s three largest cities.  It’s a stab at the best barbecue place in each of Alabama’s 67 counties. With refreshing candor, the authors admit that they haven’t tried all of the places that they recommend.  Rather, the list is sort of patched together, as most “best” lists are.  In a number of … Continue reading The Best Barbecue in Every Alabama County

Texas Barbecue Road Map

Texas Monthly magazine has come up with something truly wonderful: an on-line road map of good barbecue places within 10 miles of an interstate highway.  (I think that includes all divided highways.)  How could there be a better Texas travel guide? Well, they could have taken more care.  They locate the “City Market, Luling” in the Bellaire section of Houston.  Now, first, the genuine City Market … Continue reading Texas Barbecue Road Map

National Fried Chicken Day

Today is National Fried Chicken Day.  You’d think it would be celebrated joyfully, but around here, all the stores are open and there don’t seem to be any parades or fireworks.  But then that may be because Washington is well north of the Fried Chicken Zone.  That’s the limited area in which chicken can be fried without getting all greasy. Well, I’ll started the celebration … Continue reading National Fried Chicken Day