National Fried Chicken Day

Today is National Fried Chicken Day.  You’d think it would be celebrated joyfully, but around here, all the stores are open and there don’t seem to be any parades or fireworks.  But then that may be because Washington is well north of the Fried Chicken Zone.  That’s the limited area in which chicken can be fried without getting all greasy.

Well, I’ll started the celebration with this Bucket List of fried chicken places from Garden and Gun, and a recipe for fried chicken from Parker’s.  And you can search “fried chicken” in the blog to find some places you can get good fried chicken.  The nearest meat and three is a good bet.

My mother, Dear, has made some of the best fried chicken ever.   (She turn 94 next week, so she doesn’t do much frying these days.)  She pan fried the chicken, like God intended.  She never deep fried anything, now that I think of it.  Pan fried chicken allows you to make that milk gravy that gives a whole new purpose to rice, and that perfectly complements the chicken itself.  Pan frying used to be the default method of cooking chicken.  I remember going to restaurants and being warned that you had to wait 20 minutes for fried chicken (which usually prompted me to order a steak unless someone else was getting the fried chicken).  Now, it’s hard to find anyone who pan fries chicken commercially.   It takes time, effort, and care.   Deep fried chicken can’t be quite as good, but there’s a lot of good fried chicken out there.  You should go get some.  Let me know of a real good place.

Dear, by the way, turns 94 on July 15.  She doesn’t do much frying these days, but she’s still as full of fun as ever.  I’m headed down to see her.


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