Heritage Kitchen, West Bay, Grand Cayman

You have to love the Heritage Kitchen.  It has it all.  An oceanside view, outdoor tables, lots of chickens running around, and some very good seafood.  It’s where you go to traditional Caymanian seafood in a very “Island” atmosphere.  Take a look.

heritage exterior

There are some tables outside, overlooking the ocean, and a brood of chickens wandering about, cleaning up after messy diners.  The  menu is on a blackboard.

heritage menu

There’s a tiny counter and a tiny kitchen, out of which comes some delicious food.  We ordered and then grabbed a table that someone was just leaving.

hweeritage chicken

I had the pan fried grouper  It came topped with a generous helping of escovitch, a mixture of thinly sliced onions, carrots, and green peppers marinated in vinegar with scotch bonnet peppers and allspice.  It tastes good and carries a kick.  While we were waiting, a diner at another table returned his sautéed fish because the escovitch made it too spicy.  What a waste.

Nancy ordered the grouper with curry and Liza ordered the grouper with coconut.  Ella, when not watching the chickens, had some of Liza’s fish and rice.

heritage ella

Each of our orders came with rice, a fritter, and plantains.  With the food, the Heritage folks bring a container of ground scotch bonnet peppers with a touch of vinegar to the table.

heritage peppers

The scotch bonnet peppers carry a lot of heat, but they also have a pleasant flavor.  I don’t like heat for heat’s sake — habanero peppers, for example, just don’t taste good (except in the hot sauce at the Big Oak).  Used judiciously, the ground scotch bonnets enliven the fritter and the rice, and the starches go a way to taming the peppers.  And they have delicious mango drink to wash it down.

heritage mango

I understand that the Heritage Cafe hours can be somewhat erratic.  I guess that if the weather’s too bad for outdoor dining, or they can’t get fresh fish, or if they run out, they shut down.

The Heritage Cafe is just past the northern end of Seven Mile Beach — away from it all.  Consider it a must-visit place for anyone going to Grand Cayman.


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