Sunshine Grill, Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

You may know of the Sunshine Grill for its World Famous Island Fish Tacos.  Or you may not, since World Famous doesn’t necessarily mean that every single person in the world knows of them.  I did not.  I can assure you, though, that the Sunshine Grill has really good fish tacos, among other fine qualities, and that you should put it on your list of places to eat in Grand Cayman.

I might as well say up front that the Sunshine Grill is not right on the water, except in the most technical sense.   It’s tucked back in a development, the Sunshine Suites, across the street from the Westin, and set right next to the swimming pool, (which certainly has water).  You can eat indoors or poolside.  Nancy and I went with Liza, Ella, and Anne Rain Brown (neé Tanner) and, since it was raining, we sat indoors.

Nancy had the World Famous Island Fish Tacos with cole slaw.

sunshine world famous

Very nice.  The fish was fresh and cooked properly, wrapped in corn tortillas (which taste better and and gluten free (ask them to hold the wontons if that’s an issue)).  It came with cabbage, cilantro, havarti cheese, and spring onions.  The red sauce is similar to that sauce you get in Thai restaurants.  It’s an interesting combination, and it works.  Nancy enjoyed her tacos.

I had the trio — a World Famous Island Fish Taco, a shrimp taco, and a Cuban chicken taco.

sunshine tro

The inclusion of a Cuban chicken taco was a big selling point.  It was advertised as marinated in sour orange and garlic, one of the world’s great combinations.  The first bite, however, dashed my high hopes.  It isn’t bad, but it certainly wasn’t Cuban-good: I couldn’t taste the sour orange and garlic.  It was just another chicken taco, and I don’t really see the point in chicken tacos.  I should have asked if I could substitute a jerked pork taco.

The fish taco and the shrimp taco were both good, however, as Liza and Anne Rain agreed,  was the Sunshine Scramble that I ordered as a side.  The Sunshine Scramble is a jumble of white and sweet potatoes, onions, mushrooms, and jalapeños, all deep fried and scrambled together.  It’s very good, a rare example of proper deep frying.  Get it.  And I wish I had gotten the wahoo escovitch appetizer.

You also want to get a burger there.  I wasn’t in burger mode, but after I saw one at the next table after I’d ordered the tacos, I almost — almost — wished I’d ordered on.  It looked good, and a lot of people were ordering them.  And they come with the Sunshine Scramble.  I almost did order one when Nancy and I went back on our last full day, after everyone else had left.  But I thought of all the chips, cheese, and, especially, ice cream we had to dispose of before we left, and how much of that duty would fall on me, and I went for the grilled shrimp tacos.  Looking back, it was a good choice.  Skipping lunch altogether would have been a better choice.  Not eating all of that ice cream would have been the best choice.

As a very nice bit of lagniappe, each meal comes with a complimentary miniature ice cream cone in the flavor of the day — watermelon on our first visit (ice cream, not a sorbet), and chocolate root beer on our second.

The Sunshine Grill serves breakfast and dinner as well.  Dinner adds wahoo, mahi mahi, and Cuban chicken entrees to the lunch menu.  Breakfast sounds interesting, with not only the usual pancakes, eggs, and various breakfast tacos, but also Oatmeal Brûlé: steel-cut oatmeal cooked in coconut milk with banana and craisins, and topped with caramelized sugar and blueberries.  Prices are reasonable — very reasonable by Grand Cayman standards — and service is island-friendly.  And go early or late.  There’s likely to be a line.


2 thoughts on “Sunshine Grill, Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

  1. The house made pepper vinegar is worth mentioning as well!! When we went back we had to get the tacos again! Hunter is still wishing he got the burger!

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