The Fishing Pig, Farmville, Virginia

Well, they say it’s in Farmville, but it’s actually in Kingsville, a few miles down the road near Hampden-Sydney.  We took the back road down to North Carolina to avoid I95, and hit Farmville at lunchtime.  Yelp’s top restaurant for Farmville turned out to be the Fishing Pig (motto — Eat like a Pig, Drink like a Fish).  Who could resist a name like that?

The Fishing Pig looks like a good place.

And it smells good, with the smoker out front.

fishpig cooker

Once you’re inside, the Fishing Pig has four different faces.  There’s the first dining area, with the food channel on one TV and the golf channel on the other; a sports bar-ish area with multiple sports on umpteen TVs; and a dining area with two pool tables.   All have the same menu.  That’s three faces.  The fourth face is Debbie, our waitress, who hails from outside Philadelphia and who is a bundle of energy.  She swoops down on your table, writes here name upside down on the butcher paper in one fluid motion without looking,

fishpig debbie

all the while explaining the history of the Fishing Pig.  Briefly, Grady learned barbecue in Memphis and designed his own eponymous sauces.  Shorty caught and cooked fish, and developed his own Famous Seafood and Chicken breading.  They joined forces and, voila, the Fishing Pig.

I ordered the pork and catfish combination with greens and cole slaw.  It came with tartar sauce, which I ignored.

fishpig mine

Nancy ordered chicken with cole slaw and potato salad.

fishpig n.JPG

The pork was, meh.  It had some smoke flavor, but was dried out.  Grady’s sauces, below,

fishpig sauces

didn’t help.  The Georgia Mustard Sauce was the best of a sub-par lot.  The catfish, on the other hand, was very good.  I much prefer catfish fried with cornmeal, but the fishing Pig used a light four breading, well seasoned, that made for a good piece of fish.  Well done, Shorty!

And Nancy really liked her chicken, which had been tossed with a sauce noticeably lighter than any of those on the table.  It was moist and had a nice flavor.  We both agreed that the slaw was good, nice and fresher and not over-sauced.  And the greens were good.

As close as it is to North Carolina, I wouldn’t go to the Fishing Pig for the barbecue, but the chicken and fish were good, and it’s a pleasant place.  And no one seemed to be eating like a pig or drinking like a fish.  But then, this was lunch.


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