Jim ‘N Nick’s, Homewood, Alabama

I’ve written about the Jim ‘N Nick’s barbecue chain a number of times, and I’ve got another post in the wings after this one.  It’s a good, dependable chain, even as it has spread to seven states.  Most of them are distressingly clean, new, and nice, but they serve good barbecue, and a very good smoked sausage and pimiento cheese appetizer.

I was in Birmingham visiting my mother, Dear, who has had a hard time following some surgery, and took a break to get lunch (and to give her a break from me).  I went back to the one out in the west end of Homewood, across Green Springs Highway.  It’s my favorite link of the chain.  It’s an older brick building repurposed for a barbecue place.  And it’s convenient for my friend Ed Still.


As regular readers know, Ed is a fine attorney with whom I’ve worked on a number of cases.  Ed is interested in a lot of things, and it’s pleasant to be with someone who is enthusiastic about things without going overboard.  He calls to mind one of Shaw’s Maxims for Revolutionists in Man and Superman —

Do not give your children moral and religious instruction unless you are quite sure they will not take it too seriously.  Better be the mother of Henri Quatre and Nell Gwynne than of Robespierre and Queen Mary Tudor.

And Ed always seems to be in a good mood, and ready to laugh.  It’s hard to have an unpleasant meal with Ed, even if he is a lawyer and neither of us can bill anybody for the time.

I ordered a pork plate with two sides, both of which were collard greens.  Its important to get your vegetables.

jin n nicks plate

Ed had his usual pork sandwich.  (Imagine a photo of a bun with pork peeking out.)

The pork was good– moist, tender, and fragrant with smoke.  You can usually count on a Jim ‘N Nick’s, and I’ve always had good food at this one.  I’m not a huge fan of their sauce,  but it’s inoffensive.  The greens were good, cooked with chunks of ham, but they really should chop them laterally as well as horizontally.  The long ribbons of collards are awkward to eat, especially if you don’t want dots of pot likker on your shirt.

If you’re in Birmingham for a while — long enough to get your fill of SAW’s and Miss Myra’s — this is the go-to Jim ‘N Nick’s — the one in Homewood.  And give Ed a call.


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3 thoughts on “Jim ‘N Nick’s, Homewood, Alabama

  1. Hello john. It’s time for cheeseburger salad surprise made of lettuce,12 cheeseburgers ,sauce ,relish,broccoi,celery,cucumbers and a pound of cheese. See it on scared in the kitchen on youtube.


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