A Texas Barbecue Guide

For those who live in or plan to travel to Texas, here’s a map of the locations of Texas Monthly’s 50 Best Barbecue places for 2018.  It offers a visual guide that could help a lot in planning a road trip to Texas, or aid in identifying places to eat in a given part of the state.  But you really need to check it.  Texas Monthly earlier touted a  guide to top barbecue places near interstate highways that made the utterly appalling and deeply offensive  error of listing the really bad Luling City Market in Houston rather than the City Market in Luling, the best overall barbecue place in Texas, as detailed here.  That’s just the sort of thing Hitler would have done if Germany had won the war.  Texas Monthly is willing to sell you the map for $45 or more.  Caveat emptor.

I haven’t been to Texas in a while, but I can recommend a bunch of the places with complete confidence.  Snow’s, which is only open on Saturdays and has virtually no indoor seating, serves the best brisket in Texas (and thus, as Texas Monthly would have it, the world.) Kreuz Market has the best sausage in Texas and very good brisket, and, of course, the City Market in Luling is best all-around.

Speaking of maps, if you’re going to South Carolina, check out the annotated South Carolina Barbecue Trail Map.

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