How to Deep Fry a Turkey

Carefully.  Very carefully.

Here’s another Thanksgiving and Christmas recipe for you.

My friend, Dan Kenney, has a post at the Coach4aDay on deep frying turkeys, and another one here, updated.  Dan will cook 15(!) turkeys on Thanksgiving this year.  I have no idea how many people he’s hosting, or how many he’s frying up for friends.  I wouldn’t put either past him — Dan is the host of the Annual Beer Snob Pig Picking, which involves a whole hog.  At any rate, Dan has been frying turkeys since 1999, and he’s still alive and free of visible burns.

Whether you’re planning on frying a turkey or not, I highly recommend Dan’s post on deep frying turkeys.  It includes a video on how to deep fry a turkey safely and, more fun, how not to deep fry a turkey.

And follow Dan’s blog.  You’ll be a better person.


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