Protect Yourself: A Figgy Pudding Recipe

I’d like to thank John Rancke and Coach4aday for bringing an important issue to my attention.

The Holidays can be a dangerous time of year.  The streets and sidewalks often are icy.   Drivers are distracted.  Your local government has hired hundreds of professional jostlers to bump into people in major shopping area, and to snatch the toy that your child wanted — the last such toy available — from your eager hands.  The internet at your place of work may be jammed by the volume of your colleagues shopping on line, and the supply room is certain to run out of scotch tape.  Worse, in these times of stress and tension, in many areas loud mobs of people go from home to home in the dark of night, relentlessly chanting:

“So bring us some figgy pudding!” with the ominous threat that, “We won’t go until we get some!”  It can be terrifying — especially if you’re fresh out of figgy pudding and don’t have a fig in the house, or, more likely, you haven’t the slightest idea what figgy pudding is.

As a public service, we offer you a recipe for figgy pudding.  It’s fairly involved, so I’ll just include a link from Genius Kitchen.

I may as well admit that I have never made, eaten, or, until reading John’s Coach4aday post, given much thought to figgy pudding.  In my little corner of the Nation’s Capital, we don’t have much worry about mobs of people chanting demands outside our house unless we live near a cabinet member, and in that case the mobs tend to have much more complex demands.  My own figgy pudding backup plan is to make a counter offer of some brown liquor.  Then, of course, there’s the danger that they “won’t go until I run out,” but life is full of hard choices.

You should check out Coach4aday.  You’ll learn more about Christmas carols, and there’s an interesting post there every day.


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