Sweet Lew’s Barbecue, Charlotte, North Carolina


Sinclair and Eric Lee, familiar to you as our Senior Western North Carolina Correspondents, have informed me of a new good barbecue place in Charlotte.   I trust them.  Sinclair is from Wilson, North Carolina, and Eric is from Birmingham, Alabama.  And you need trustworthy correspondents in Charlotte.  You will remember that Michelle Obama created a controversy by claiming, before the Democratic convention held in Charlotte that Charlotte was a great barbecue city.  Then-Mayor Anthony Fox frankly admitted that there was no great barbecue in Charlotte.  (To everyone’s credit, he was later made Secretary of Transportation.)   Things have picked up since then, however.  I had some very good barbecue at the True ‘Cue certified Midwood Smokehouse a few years ago, back in the Blog’s Facebook page days.

Now there’s Sweet Lew’s.  Take a gander —

sweet lews

The first thing that you will notice is that they offer boiled peanuts as a side.   What a great idea!  I’ve never seen that before, and I’ve seen a lot — banana pudding and even Conecuh Sausage listed as sides.  But why not?  Boiled peanuts are delicious and extremely good for you — much better, I dare say, than kale.  That’s reason enough to go to Sweet Lew’s.  And the peanuts were nice and firm.

Most important, our Correspondents were impressed by the pork, which had a good smoke flavor enhanced by an honest Eastern North Carolina vinegar and pepper sauce.  And they confirm what my eyes assure me, that the macaroni and cheese was good.  Not pictured are some “great smoky collards.”  You can see some slaw and what they report are “excellent” homemade pickles.

I need to get to Charlotte to try Sweet Lew’s and catch the Inlaws Band, and maybe — certainly — swing by the magnificent Red Bridges and buzz up to the wonderful Lexington Barbecue #1.

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