Recipe Time: Hot Water Cornbread

We were just talking about how much better hushpuppies are than fritters.  The secret is the inclusion, along with the flour, of half or more corn meal in the hushpuppies. A step beyond the hushpuppy is hot water cornbread.  There is no flour at all in hot water cornbread, and no baking soda.  It is unleavened, and, I guess, not technically bread.  It is delicious. … Continue reading Recipe Time: Hot Water Cornbread

Fritters and Hushpuppies

John Rancke, coauthor of the Coach4aday blog with Dan  Kenney, host of the Annual Beer Snob Pig Picking, had a post on fritters a few days ago.   Fritters are basically fried bread.  You mix the dry ingredients — some flour, a little baking soda, and salt — and combine with the wet ingredients — beaten egg, milk, and shortening.  Then you add corn for corn … Continue reading Fritters and Hushpuppies