Science: Pork Fat is Very Good for You

Yes, that’s according to scientists.  See here from the BBC, no less, the results a major study in which scientists tested 1,000 foods.  Pork ranks 8th out of the 1000 (the BBC only  lists the top 100) foods tested in terms of health benefits.  It’s better than salmon, better than kale, better than grapefruit, better than broccoli or brussels sprouts or carrots, better, even, than collards.*

Even this high rating fails to capture the full benefits of pork.  The study fails to consider the mental health benefits of eating pork.  Can anyone be unhappy while eating good barbecue?  Of course not.

The study also fails to consider the weight loss benefits of pork.  Just bear with me here.  Pork fat satisfies your hunger in a way that other foods do not.  If you eat a plate of barbecue, you won’t need anything else, except perhaps some collards and green beans (both cooked with pork).  If, on the other hand, you eat a relatively unhealthy meal of, say, a boneless skinless chicken breast with steamed broccoli and steamed zucchini — and there are many people who actually do this — you will, before going to bed, eat the rest of a cheesecake, a pint of ice cream, and whatever leftover Halloween candy you can scrounge out of your freezer.  And you will be miserable.  Can you really, based on your own experience, dispute this?

I’ve been telling people of the health benefits of pork for years, and great is the scoffing I have endured.  Scoff no more.  Save and use your bacon grease.  Wrap your salmon in bacon.  Have some country ham with your morning grapefruit.  Follow Liza’s example and order a side of sausage with your hamburger.  You will be healthier, happier, and slimmer.


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*Of course, collards always should be cooked with pork.

3 thoughts on “Science: Pork Fat is Very Good for You

  1. Little known fact: Immanuel Kant refused to eat food fried in pork fat because he thought it interfered with his thinking. But I reckon that’s a small price to pay for physical health.

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