How to Make Eastern North Carolina Corn Sticks

The mystery of making Eastern North Carolina Corn Sticks is now solved, thanks to Mr. Tommy Haddock of Clayroot, North Carolina.  Mr. Haddock gave me the answer back in June, and I should have posted about it before. Clayroot is the home of Haddock’s Barbecue, which I presume was first opened by relatives of Mr. Haddock.  They’re open for breakfast and lunch every day but Sunday, … Continue reading How to Make Eastern North Carolina Corn Sticks

Chez Simone, Collioure, France

The latest restaurant report from our Senior France Correspondents, Barbara Somson and Ross Eisenbrey, is on their dinner at Chez Simone, a restaurant set on the harbor in Collioure.  The view is of the sea, sailboats, and the local Notre Dame, with its church tower that used to be a lighthouse.  Collioure is a lovely town near Port Vendres, a few miles from the Spanish border. … Continue reading Chez Simone, Collioure, France

Excellence in Public Education

This blog is public spirited, and particularly concerned with education.  Recall our criticism of the ahistorical and culturally inappropriate offerings at the Smithsonian’s Museum of African American History here in Washington, or our review of the benefits of going to East Carolina for college.  Most recently, we promoted science education.  We are also concerned with elementary and high school education, and want to publicize Best … Continue reading Excellence in Public Education

La Galerie, Cèret, France

Our peripatetic Senior France correspondents, Ross Eisenbrey and Barbara Somson settled down for a bit in Port Vendres, a city on the Mediterranean in southeastern France, where the mountains come down to meet the Mediterranean.  They were just across the border with Catalonia, the northeastern corner of Spain, and the Catalan influence naturally bleeds into France.  Barbara reports from the pretty little Pyrénées town of … Continue reading La Galerie, Cèret, France

Wilber’s to Re-Open?

BREAKING NEWS:  Wilber’s May Re-Open As all the world knows, Wilber’s, a giant of Eastern North Carolina Barbecue, was closed back on or about the Ides of March.  There seems to have been a little matter of unpaid taxes.   Wilber’s had great barbecue. They also excelled in hush puppies (these are the remnants of an order) and had very good slaw, green beans, and … Continue reading Wilber’s to Re-Open?