Chambers Landing Restaurant and Bar, Tahoma, California

Or is Chambers Landing in Homewood, California?  The internet suggests it’s in Homewood, an unincorporated community of some 200 souls, but you know how the internet lies.  Tahoma is an actual town that actually appears on some maps.  But the important point is that Chambers Landing is on Lake Tahoe.  Either way, you should go there and enjoy a lovely meal at Chambers Landing.

Michael rented a boat one day and we all piled in and set out to tour the lake, including Emerald Bay,

lake tahoe

and a development of multi-million dollar lakeside homes with, uh, distinctive lawn ornaments.


We stopped for lunch at Chambers Landing.  We docked — well, Michael docked and I stayed out of the way.  Chambers Landing has a lot of dock space and a small dockside bar that draws crowds of boaters who are perhaps less interested in eating than in a glass or three of Chambers Punch, the local specialty.  Here’s a recipe for Chambers Punch in case you’d like to whip some up before continuing with this post.  Go ahead.  I’ll wait.

Finished?  Okay.  We passed the dockside bar and walked on up to the restaurant.  From the lake, you first enter a large patio with a view of the lake that can’t really be captured in a photograph.

chambers view

If the weather is inclement, which I suppose could happen, there’s an attractive indoors area, all wood and stone with lots of light.

chambers int

We sat outside.  What a lovely setting.

The food at Chambers Landing is good.  I ordered some Mexican street corn to start, and it disappeared almost immediately.   Delicious.  Nancy enjoyed a very nice pear and gorgonzola salad, and Liza had some good blackened mahi tacos — or at least they were good when the it-has-to-be-Mommy demands of Ella and Lily gave a chance to eat.  Michael had a burger and fries, which he pronounced good.  Ella liked her grilled cheese, and especially the large chocolate chip cookie that came with it — and which she ate first.  I had a lobster roll with shoestring fries.  By the time it came I had my camera out, and there were no distractions from the street corn or grandchildren.

chambers lobster

The lobster salad was delicious, as were the shoestring fries, which I enlivened with some Tabasco sauce, salt, and pepper.  The roll itself was ordinary, but you don’t want your bread to get in the way of lobster.  And eating a lobster roll in that setting is always going to be a great experience.  Especially after the street corn, the remains of which you can see.

Oh, and Michael and I each had a Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA.  You should try one, maybe two.  It is a very good West Coast style IPA with a nice citrus note.

chambers beer

The sunglasses are Ella’s.

Chambers Landing boasts a beach, and after lunch, Liza, Michael, and I went for a quick swim in Lake Tahoe, while Nancy, Ella, and Lily exercised the better part of valor.  Did I mention that in July the winter’s record snowfalls had finally melted into Lake Tahoe?  The water was … brisk.  The three of us jumped in.  Liza immediately levitated up and out, defying the law of gravity.  Gravity has a somewhat firmer hold on Michael and me, and we stayed in.  We quickly got used to it, however, and then the water was marvelously refreshing.  And it certainly woke me up.

The ride back to the harbor was all beautiful weather and spectacular views.  It was a wonderful day.

Lake Tahoe is well worth a summer visit.  Go there, rent a boat, and stop for lunch at Chambers Landing.  Order the lobster roll and a Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA, and marvel at your good fortune.


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