An Important Health Alert

Here at the Blog, we are very concerned with public health, and want our readers to keep up with the latest scientific discoveries.  We have provided scientific analysis of appropriate barbecue sauce ingredients and the respective health effects of eating foods from pork to boiled peanuts to pot likker and greens; and warned of the dangers of Lone Star Ticks.  The Blog has, indeed, reconciled current scientific studies on the health benefits of eating barbecue with the teachings of Aristotle and Epictetus.

Scientific breakthroughs continue.  A continuing area of controversy is the health effects of eating red meat.   There has, of course, been a jihad against red meat for years.   Some of you may not read the Annals of Internal Medicine regularly, but you may have heard of a comprehensive new study that determined (as studies of butter, eggs, and salt have determined), that there was little if any adverse health effect from eating red meat.  The New York Times, which years ago was the most authoritative newspaper in the country (and they still have a great Sunday crossword puzzle), picked up the story, and that generated wide publicity.  The Times’ attention prompted a flurry of rebuttals from the anti-red meat grant-seeker/industrial complex.  You can read the study and decide for yourself.

I recently indulged in a magnificent steak cooked perfectly by my cousin (or cousin-in- law), Don Hutchins.  I felt really healthy afterwards.  Aristotle and Epictetus nailed that one.  A caveat, however:  I also had some red wine — much, much better wine than I have at home, I might note — and it is possible that the undisputed health benefits of red wine may well have affected my experience.  On the other hand, I have had many steaks with beverages other than red wine and in each instance I have felt healthy afterwards.  Accordingly, the wine may not be a significant variable.

But we’re not here to settle the issue.  Persuasive as this latest medical study is, not to mention my own consistent experience, this Blog wants you to see all sides of every issue: we invented fair and balanced.  And dogmatic.  We therefore offer a brief but thoughtful and persuasive counter-analysis from America’s current most accurate news source, which you can and definitely should read here.

Judge for yourself.


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