Many Thanks

It’s been a great year!

The Blog has recorded over 16,000 post views by well over 10,000 viewers for 2019.  That’s over twice the 2018 totals.  Those numbers do not include the many views by those of you who “follow” the Blog.  A special thanks to the genius chefs and the fans of the Captain’s Kitchen, the maker of the best shrimpburger in the world; and to the good (and good-hearted) citizens of Parsons, Tennessee, and the many other fans of Ramey’s Bar B Que, which definitely is one of the best barbecue places in the USA — and thus the world.  Those were our two most-viewed posts.

Most viewers of the Blog, of course, were from the United States, but we had viewers from over 60 other countries as well.

To make sure you don’t miss anything, click “follow” on our front page to receive blog posts in your email box.  Or bookmark us and check in from time to time.  If you’re planning a trip, you definitely should “Search” the name of the city, state, or country for good restaurants (in Europe, usually close to sites, like the Louvre or the Van Gogh Museum, that you’ll want to visit in any event).  Comments, questions, and suggestions of places to eat or stories to cover are very welcome.  And check out our Instagram page, johntannerbbq.

Again, many thanks to all of you who have read the Blog, and do keep reading.  I have several special barbecue tours planned — and I’m sure more will pop up — plus further exploration of seafood, Cuban cuisine, and other food as I make my way through 2020.  And  perhaps I’ll post out some good hotels and other places to stay in places you want to visit.

2 thoughts on “Many Thanks

  1. I went looking for a receipe for Parker’s (Greenville, it was Respress when I was a boy) and came across your contributions. Thanks. I have had two cast iron corn bread molds that were shaped like Parker’s. One was about half as long. When I went looking for my mold today I found, to my surprise, I had a 12 stick full size a la Parker’s corn stick. I do not know where I got it. I was always on the look out and must have found one day long ago. The corn sticks were shaped right but still did not take just right. I have always assumed they partially baked and then fried. Do you know? thanks for your blog. Glad you had a good year. Last time I went to Barbecue Barn in Raleigh, it was not up to speed. Nice to see your comments.

    Now hope about the yellow slaw receipe. I have tried for ever and never get it right. I think it has sugar.

    Be well and Happy New Year.



    1. I’m pretty sure that the slaw does have some sugar. Also some mustard — not too much — and celery seeds. Next time I’m there, I’ll ask for a recipe (which will probably start with 500 cabbages…) and information on how they get that perfect crunch. If they won’t tell me, I’ll try Marty’s in Wilson, which I understand alsohas corn sticks.


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