Monk’s BBQ, Purcellville, Virginia

Purcellville is a nice town of 10,000 in Loudoun County, in the outer Washington suburbs, well past Dulles Airport.  It’s in a lovely area of Virginia, and Purcellville enjoys the benefits of the growth of the Dulles tech corridor without being overwhelmed by it.  Best of all, Purcellville is the home of Monk’s BBQ, which I can certify is a Campaign for Real Barbecue producer … Continue reading Monk’s BBQ, Purcellville, Virginia

Texas Jack’s Barbecue, Arlington, Virginia

UPDATE:  At the time of my visit for this post, just as during my initial visit, I was assured by the waiter and the manager-on-duty that Texas Jack’s does not use gas or electricity, just wood to cook the meat.  I subsequently have established that they use a Southern Pride Smoker, and that all Southern Pride smokers are gas-assisted.  Texas Jack’s has declined to answer … Continue reading Texas Jack’s Barbecue, Arlington, Virginia