B.O.’s Fish Wagon, Key West, Florida

Nancy and I flew into Key West on Decenber 27, a day later than Liza and Michael and Ella and Lily.  We checked into our hotel, the surprisingly good Sheraton Suites, reviewed here, and unpacked.  We then headed over to see our co-grandparents, David and Sue Boyd, and Liza, Michael, and the kids.  David and Sue, as shown here, are outstanding in their fields.

david and sue

So to speak.  Nice picture isn’t it?   I didn’t take it, of course.  David and Sue are truly nice people.  At any rate, David and Sue suggested we get some dinner from B.O’s.  David and Sue know what they’re talking about, so off David and I went to pick up the food.

Now, many people who strolled by B.O.’s would decide to go elsewhere.  That would be a big mistake.  Some restaurants spend a lot of money on externals — advertising, decor, tablecloths, tables, and such superficialities.  B.O.’s does not.

bo long

That’s the side view.  The front has more character.

bo ext

The closer you get, the more you get a sense of B.O.’s

bos entry

I’ll stop there.  I think you see what I mean when I say that many people would keep on walking past B.O.’s.   Some might even quicken their step.  So sad.  They would miss a treat.

B.O.’s sells seafood sandwiches and platters, and they keep very busy at it.  We all ordered grouper, I think, either as a platter or a sandwich.  The platters come with either  salad, fries, or black beans and rice.   You also can get shrimp, soft shell crab, or cracked conch — or a hamburger or a deep-fried quarter pound hot dog.  Or chicken.  B.O.’s is the only restaurant of which I am aware that advertises that its chicken is “NOT Local.”  (The streets of Key West famously are lousy with chickens.)

B.O.’s seafood is fresh and well prepared.  You’ll enjoy it, and you’ll really enjoy the black beans and rice.  These are Cuban-style black beans with lots of onions, garlic, and capers(!).  Excellent.

Go to B.O.’s.  You can’t judge a book by its cover — or perhaps you should be open to or, like me, enthusiastic about books with shabby covers.  Maybe I should change that to “places whose charm is not … superficial.”  Go to B.O.’s and get a platter or a sandwich, but either way, get the beans.


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