Save the Date: May 17, 2020, for the Inaugural Buxton Hall Smokeshow

I have learned from the Barbecue Bros outstanding blog that Buxton Hall Barbecue is having its first annual Smokeshow, a barbecue festival that includes the food from various types of restaurants and, of course, beer and music, on May 17.  I’ve never been to Buxton Hall.  It’s way over in Asheville, and do you know how many barbecue places are between me and Asheville?  A lot.  It’d be a good 15 pound drive to Asheville.

But Buxton Hall cooks whole hog over wood coals — True ‘Cue — and is highly regarded by those who’ve eaten there.  Long-time readers know my aversion to festivals of all sorts and my antagonism toward barbecue competitions (as opposed to celebrations, which I understand the Smokeshow to be).  Indeed, I deplore all circumstances that would require me to wait in line for long periods in order to use a portable toilet.  I order my life accordingly.

That said, this looks like an exceptional festival.  First, it will take place in and on the grounds of the Highland Brewing Company which, I presume, has ample indoor facilities.  And the roll of pit masters includes Zach Parker of  B.E. Scott’s, Sam Jones of the Skylight Inn and Sam Jones Barbecue, and Rodney Scott of Rodney Scott’s and Scott’s.  (Actually Rodney no longer cooks at Scott’s, but it’s such a wonderful place, I just had to mention it.)   There are a number of other highly regarded pit masters whose restaurants I have not tried.  I doubt I’ll ever try the place in Australia.

Highland Brewing, by the way, brews a lot of craft beers, including pretty exotic ones, like a Bonbon Stout with Earl Grey Tea and Cafe au Lait Imperial Breakfast Stout.  I don’t know how many of you drink Imperial Stout for breakfast.  I do recall in my much, much younger days going to a grocery store with college friends Roy Crandall and Gordy McAlpin and buying beer preparatory to cooking a sheep (which Roy and Gordy had slaughtered and dressed before I got there, or so they said) on a spit over coals.  We were picking out different types and someone — I’m pretty sure it was Roy — said, “Let’s get a case of Rolling Rock.  It’s a good breakfast beer.”  We did, and it was … then.  I haven’t tried it for breakfast since

I might actually get to Asheville for the festival.  If not I’ll anoint another college friend, Fred Cooke, as my Senior Asheville Correspondent.   Or if you plan to attend, the Blog does have Senior Correspondent openings.  Let me know.


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5 thoughts on “Save the Date: May 17, 2020, for the Inaugural Buxton Hall Smokeshow

  1. John, you’re absolutely right. Someone of your standing in BBQdom should not have to stand in line. I’m sure the Barbecue Bros. would call the Brewery Bros. and arrange the proper credentials, allowing one of their staff to escort you pass the line of any food you choose. The escort relieves you from any accusations of breaking lines. Of course, you’ll be obligated to regale several of the available beers, so pace yourself.
    I just might have to attend this one myself. I’d throw a properly attired camera around my neck, putting everyone on notice of my 45 years of professional photography. Might even take a photo or two.
    Highland appears to have a decent-sized facility. Accommodations for 700 people indoors. I also noticed Highland is fairly close to Biltmore. Not a bad place to stay for the evening. May in the Smokey Mountains can still be on the cool side.

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    1. You are definitely the Man with a Plan! That’s what I need – a Senior Escort! And a Senior Event Photographer! Let me know if you do plan to attend, and I’ll do likewise.


  2. Next door to Highland Brewery you will find Tyler and Sons distillery. Really good white and brown whiskey. You should also try 12 Bones BBQ in the River Arts district. I don’t know what their fuel is and some of their sauces are find of strange, but it’s good

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