Cod and Capers Seafood Marketplace and Cafe, North Palm Beach, Florida

As the name indicates, Cod and Capers is at once a fish market and a seafood restaurant. I love that combination.  There are some combination places on the Gulf Coast and in Southern California, and I’ve posted reviews of Big Water Seafood in Siesta Key and Le Bee Fish in Marco Island, both on the Florida West Coast.  At Cod and Capers, the fish market is much larger than at other combination places.

cod mkt

The area of the market outside and to the left of the photo includes a line of cases that offer a huge selection of seafood.  These photos capture well under half of the case footage —

cod shell

cod fish

The Cafe operation offers the table pictured above, and larger areas both outside under cover

cod out

and an area of more tables and booth inside.

cod in

Did you notice those lamps?  Here’s a close-up of one:

cod lamp

That gives you a sense of the lamp’s jellyfish design but doesn’t at all do justice to the colors and detailing.  There are a lot of nice decorative touches.  A steel band is outside at the entrance playing a wide range of music, from Jamaican tunes to Dolly Parton.

Nancy and I sat inside and were promptly approached by our server, who was very efficient, pleasant, and informative — such a good server that I asked her name: Jeanie.

Jeanie brought us wine and Nancy ordered the grouper piccata and a twice baked potato. I started off with a large and very well dressed Caesar salad worthy white anchovies, and the Hogfish meuniere, a hogfish filet dusted in flour and sautéed with lemon, butter, and white wine, and topped with wild Florida shrimp.  For my side, I ordered Bahamian rice and peas.  Jeanie started for some reason to explain the ingredients of the Bahamian rice and peas: “It has hot pepper, garlic, salt pork …” at which point Nancy said, “Everything he likes.”

Here’s Nancy’s grouper.  It came with a lovely lemon-butter wine sauce, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, and capers and a ginormous twice baked potato.

cod n

Doesn’t that look good?  And it was.  Nancy loved it, and I can vouch for both the grouper and the potato.  It’s really hard to beat grouper, and the twice baked potato was delicious as well.

And here’s my hogfish and Bahamian rice and peas:

cod me

Now that is a great, great dish.  The hogfish was perfectly fresh and perfectly delicious, and the shrimp were abundant and sensational.  (Remember the three lousy shrimp at Frigate’s?)  The rice and peas also were very tasty, but hardly necessitated the warning implicit in Jeanie’s detailing of the ingredients.  I guess I’m getting to the age where spicy foods are an issue for those who, unlike me, have not cauterized their digestive system.

On the way to our car, I clicked the key fob and the lights on our car blinked, as did another nearby car.  I clicked several more times, and each time, the two cars blinked in unison.  It reminded me of the time I parked a rental car (a blue Mustang, by chance) in a mall parking lot in Montgomery.  I came back out, got in a blue Mustang, started it, and drove off.  I then noticed a pack of cigarettes in the passenger seat, realized my key had started someone else’s car, and hurried back to the mall.  By that time, the space had been taken, and I had to park it a couple of rows away.   For a few minutes I looked for anyone near the original space looking confused or furious, but then found my rental car and left.  At Cod and Capers, I was about to click one more time when someone got in the other car and drove off.

Nancy and I thoroughly enjoyed our dinner at Cod and Capers, and we’ll go there again on our next visit to Marriott’s Ocean Pointe.  It doesn’t have a water view, but as so often is the case, the places without water view make up for it with better food.  Cod and Capers is a Top Place.


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Nancy and I were in a mood to explore some new restaurant options, and decide to try Cod and Capers Seafood Marketplace and Cafe.  As the name suggests, it’s a fish market that also has a restaurant on site.



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