Johnny Longboat’s, Palm Beach Shores, Florida

You can count on beachside restaurants/bars for some things.  They all have cold beer and rum drinks or they go out of business.  After that, it can get pretty iffy.  But sometimes the caterpillar turns into a butterfly, and that’s the case with Johnny Longboat’s.

We’ve been going to Marriott’s Ocean Pointe in Palm Beach Shores since March 2010.
On our first trip, we tried Johnny Longboat’s, a beachside bar and restaurant in a not-very-interesting commercial cluster right by the public beach.   The space is good — roomy and open to the outdoors in good weather — but the experience was pretty bad.  The beer was cold, but the food was, well, to say it was iffy would be charitable, and the service could have been better.  That was then.

Last fall were we in Ocean Pointe as guests of Joyce Deroy and Willie King.  The ladies were off to a spa or some such, so Willie and I trundled over to the closest place, Johnny  Longboat’s, for lunch.  We each ordered fish sandwiches, and we both really liked them.  My Due South IPA was cold and delicious, and Willie drank his standard Sauvignon Blanc.  Both merited an encore.

Johnny Longboat’s had been spruced up with some art,

johnny l crab

and seemed to be very well managed.   It was very pleasant.

So Nancy and I went to Johnny Longboat’s for our first lunch of the trip.  I noticed that the commercial cluster has picked up a lot.  In additional to the inevitable Wings, 7-11, Subway, etc., there was a craft beer place and a couple of new restaurants that were doing a land office business.  There also was an ice cream place that we tested several times and found quite satisfactory.

Nancy and I both had the Fresh Fish Sandwich, blackened.  We agreed that they were good.  Here’s mine.

johnny l

The fish actually was fresh.  (Johnny Longboat’s also has a raw bar and a sushi bar.)  And my side of black beans and rice was very tasty, as was Nancy’s slaw.  All in all, Johnny Longboat’s has become a very nice place for lunch.  They also do a good breakfast business, and the place is always busy in the evening.

I’m sure we’ll go there on our next trip.  If you’re on Singer Island, you should give it a try.


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