Wilber’s, Goldsboro, North Carolina: The Re-Opening Menu is Here!

Many thanks to my good friend Dan Kenney, the genius behind the Coach4aday blog, the host of the Annual Beer Snob Pig Picking, our Senior Carolina Correspondent, and the Master of the Deep Fried Turkey.  Dan sent this good news from North Carolina.  The much-anticipated — I should say much yearned-for reopening of Wilber’s is very close.  The pit has been rebuilt, and they have set … Continue reading Wilber’s, Goldsboro, North Carolina: The Re-Opening Menu is Here!

Blue 44, Washington, DC

I really like Blue 44.  It’s a friendly neighborhood place, only a short walk from our house.  The food is dependably good and fresh.  The menu changes fairly often, but it always contains some standout dishes, including the Bistro Chicken, a half chicken with mushrooms and lardons in a cream sauce with some carrots and potatoes.  Wonderful.  A while back, I organized a monthly lunch … Continue reading Blue 44, Washington, DC

Max McMullen Clark’s Curried Chick Peas

Max McMullen Clark is one of London’s rising young chefs.  Nancy and I know him through our close friendship with his grandparents, Debbie and Jeremy McMullen.  You caught a glimpse of Jeremy, now, alas, deceased, here (scroll down for the glimpse), and, more recently, Debbie was our companion and expert restaurant guide when were in Paris together all too briefly last year.  See here and here. … Continue reading Max McMullen Clark’s Curried Chick Peas

Recipes for Murder Hornets

As with you, my first reaction on learning that murder hornets had come to the United States was that incredibly, 2020 had just gotten worse.  My second reaction was, “I wonder how they taste?” I’m not a big eater of insects.  I’ve had the chapulines (grasshopper) tacos at Oyamel here in Washington, one of the restaurants owned by Jose Andres, my choice for the Nobel … Continue reading Recipes for Murder Hornets