Best Government Response to Lockdowns

Regular readers have met my good friend, Jonathan Breul, most recently here.  When not eating barbecue or lobster, Jon is a leading expert in government organization and efficiency.  No, really.  There is such a thing.  At least Jon tells me there is.  I’ve never seen it, but Jon has made a distinguished career out of it.  Leading governmental and academic institutions suffering dysfunction hire Jon for his excellent advice, which they then ignore, misunderstand, and/or generally mess up.

Jon alerted me to a model government practice that would be hard to mess up.  The initiative is a Finnish response to the coronavirus, and is described here.  Briefly, Finland is beginning to stock public libraries with barbecue grills.  Local Finns can then rent the grills.

The lockdowns are, of course, everywhere a source of tension, anxiety, and boredom.  Finland’s new program is designed  — and this may seem radical — to brighten the lives of the individual Finnish citizens.  And how better to brighten people’s lives than to let them cook on a barbecue grill while sipping an ice cold Karhu?   Today, any Finn who wants to grill some poronkaristys or grillimakara, or to make perfect barbecue,   now can. It’s a great idea, although I oppose making people rent the grills rather than just checking them out.  I hope the grills are charcoal rather than gas, on the principle that charcoal makes better tasting grillimakara, and also because I would hate to see Finns blow themselves up trying to start a propane grill.

The barbecue grills in libraries would tie in well with the Blog’s major public education initiative, discussed here, and it would, of course, be a great initiative for Congress to adopt.  It would encourage new people to visit their local library and it would make people happy.  Please call your Representative and your Senators.


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