New Orleans by Myra, Lusby, Maryland

We all were out in Cove Point, a small Chesapeake Bay beach community in Calvert County, Maryland, on the western shore of the Bay, just outside Lusby.  Michael was in town working and Nancy and Liza decided to take Ella and Lily up to Annapolis to shop there while Nancy’s co-grandmother, Sue Boyd, watched the girls.  I took a pass on that trip, and instead went to try out a food truck I’d seen in passing, New Orleans by Myra.


The truck sits in the parking lot of a vacant building, on H.E. Truman, which parallels Route 4, the through highway to Solomons.  Myra is Myra Campbell, whom you can see here.  Myra was away when I arrived, and Myra’s husband, Develand Campbell, was on duty.  Develand is as friendly as can be.  We chatted as he was preparing my order. While Develand is from Southern Maryland, Myra is from Louisiana.  She’s really from Louisiana.  Noting my face mask (a Nancy Tanner original),


Develand mentioned that Myra is an LSU fan … a big LSU fan.   I said that when we met she could give me a hard time … this year.

I ordered a shrimp po’ boy and a side of red beans and rice.  It was ready quickly, and I headed back to the ranch to try it.

myra j

The shrimp po’ boy was very good.  You can tell Myra’s from Louisiana.  The shrimp were very well seasoned, and, as you can see, there were a whole lot of them. And the shrimp were properly fried and drained –not at all greasy.  I dug down a couple of layers of shrimp before taking on the sandwich proper: you can’t eat the sandwich without spilling shrimp all over the place. Once I took on the sandwich, things got even better.  The remoulade sauce with which the po’ boy was dressed was delicious.  That’s a lot of sandwich, and a whole lot of shrimp for the money.

The red beans also were good.  They were light on the andouille, as you expect with a side order, but they were packed with flavor.  I meant to save some for later but I just kept eating.

The menu is extensive, as you can see.

myra menu

The crawfish comes from Louisiana, and the alligator is certified Cajun.

myra gator.

I couldn’t get back for a few days, and my next trip was after I’d already eaten lunch.  I stopped for some blackberry cobbler.  I love blackberry cobbler.   I remember in my barefoot days picking blackberries from a thicket by the side of a dirt road.  I’d take them home and Dear would make cobbler, and Dear could flat make cobbler.  You may think your mother made the best cobbler on earth, but I’m afraid she takes second place to Dear.

Myra makes some good blackberry cobbler, too.  Not Dear’s good, but good.  You should try it — and all their desserts, which vary day to day.

I’m planning on working my way through the menu, and there may be updates.  But I wanted to alert you to New Orleans by Myra right away.  Hurry on down, and grab some good Louisiana cooking.


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5 thoughts on “New Orleans by Myra, Lusby, Maryland

  1. You done outdone yo’sef on this one ! Can’t wait to get down there and get me some gator!

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  2. I stopped when j saw the title of this and that it is located in Lusby, where I have a place in Drum point. I have seen this truck but haven’t stopped to try the food. I have seen plenty of people waiting to order. Now I know why. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks John.

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    1. High, neighbor! We’re newcomers to Lusby, down in Cove Point. I’m eager for recommendations for the area. We enjoyed the Lighthouse,. I’ve heard Jerry’s Place is good, but we don’t eat inside restaurants now.


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