The 2020 World’s Best Shrimpburger Competition: Recapping the Results

Let me recapitulate the results of the 2020 World’s Best Shrimpburger Competition for those who joined us late.  I confused things when I led off with the ultimate winner, and only later — several barbecue posts later — started with the countdown: 3d runner-up, 2d runner-up, etc.  I did that so you could try the very best before you left the beach.

That first post announcing the winner also explained what a shrimpburger is and the standards by which they were judged.  Here are the full results:

The winner and still champion is the Captain’s Kitchen, a food truck that alternates between Indian Beach and Emerald Isle.  This is Captain Marty Muns’ third win in a row.

captaonm closeup

Second place goes to the Clamdigger in Pine Knoll Shores.

El’s in Morehead City came in third.

The Big Oak in Salter Path fell to fourth.

And the Shark Shack in Atlantic Beach was disqualified.

I stress that each of these shrimpburgers offers a good investment in your time and happiness.  They all taste good and are very reasonably priced, especially for what you get.   I’ve tried to be clear on the failings of each place, and what it will take to move up next year.  For now, though, the Captain’s Kitchen remains the the best, the Secretariat of shrimpburger competitions.

Please share your thoughts on each place, and let me know of other great shrimpburger places.  Thanks to John Shelton Reed for nominating the Shrimp Shack on St. Helena Island, South Carolina.  What else is out there?


A sad note:  I just checked Facebook and saw that the Shrimp Shack’s owner, Captain Bob Upton, just passed peacefully on to his reward.  You can read about him and a life well lived here.  Join me in prayer for Captain Upton and his family and friends.



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2 thoughts on “The 2020 World’s Best Shrimpburger Competition: Recapping the Results

    1. Thanks for posting, Ron! This is a different type of shrimpburger, one I’m eager to try. My son-in -law,Michael, makes what may be a similar shrimpburger, and it’s delicious.


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