Georgia Barbecue

I haven’t had a lot of eating time in Georgia (i.e., time outside the Atlanta airport) since I started the Blog, and there are no trips on the horizon. That’s a shame because there’s a lot of good barbecue in Georgia. I have reviewed a few good places fairly recently — Heritage Market in Atlanta comes to mind, as does B’s Cracklin’ in Savannah and … Continue reading Georgia Barbecue

Best Places to Eat Near I-95 from Washington, DC, to Florida

Winter looms, so I have updated my list of alternatives to fast food for those driving south (and back north) along the East Coast. And, indeed, normally the only sensible thing to do when the weather promises to chill the very marrow in your bones is to head south. In light of COVID issues, special care and consideration must be taken before you decide to … Continue reading Best Places to Eat Near I-95 from Washington, DC, to Florida

Blue and White, Alexandria, Virginia

I got together for lunch with my cousin, Murray Johnston, recently. You remember Murray, Ann Thomas Griffin Johnston’s husband. His children, Murray IV, aka Cuatro, and daughter Griffin, have figured notably in the Blog. When Murray and I get together for lunch it’s usually at a standout sandwich place, like Bub and Pop’s. This time it was the Blue and White on Wythe Street in … Continue reading Blue and White, Alexandria, Virginia

The Smokehouse at Steve’s, Graham, North Carolina

While I’ve been writing about food, this trip to North Carolina was particularly special because of the people. I dined with one brother, two nephews, a grand-nephew, a grand-niece, four cousins, and Monk of the Barbecue Bros. And after my lovely meal at Toscana, I had one more treat in store, a very special one: lunch with John Shelton Reed and Dan Levine, the founders … Continue reading The Smokehouse at Steve’s, Graham, North Carolina

Toscana, Charlotte, North Carolina

And now for something completely different from my latest trip to North Carolina — a sensational Italian restaurant. Despite my incidental meals at four barbecue places (so far), the real reason for my trip to Charlotte was to take my cousin Scott Griffin and his new bride Nora Raynor out to dinner. I’d had to withdraw my acceptance to their wedding at the last minute, … Continue reading Toscana, Charlotte, North Carolina

Midwood Smokehouse, Charlotte, North Carolina

I’d had a full day of barbecue at The Pit in Raleigh, Rick’s Smokehouse in Lexington, and the Barbecue Center in Lexington, with a recuperative evening in Salisbury. I woke up the next morning, drank coffee, deleted a bunch of email messages, figured out how to unsubscribe from political emails (tell them that each time you get an email you’ll send a check to their … Continue reading Midwood Smokehouse, Charlotte, North Carolina