Wishing You All the Joy of the Season and a Happy New Year

Thanks to all who made 2020 another great year for the Blog. l’ve had a lot of fun and eaten a lot of great meals. I’m confident that I’ve eaten more hushpuppies this year than any other resident of the District of Columbia (admittedly a hushpuppy desert), and certainly more than anyone who’s actually lost a net 5-10 pounds over the course of the year. … Continue reading Wishing You All the Joy of the Season and a Happy New Year

From Dubai: A Cheetos Chicken Burgers Recipe

Have you ever made a recipe with Cheetos? Neither have I. As it turns out, however, Cheetos recipes have “taken the internet by storm.” You may scoff at the notion of junk food as an ingredient, but I’ve seen dishes including fish and chicken crusted with potato chips on menus of reputable restaurants. Emeril has a potato chip crusted fish taco recipe that uses barbecue-flavored … Continue reading From Dubai: A Cheetos Chicken Burgers Recipe

Barbecue Bros’ Top 5 Barbecue Places in Nashville

The invaluable Barbecue Bros website has a post identifying the top five barbecue places in Nashville. This adds to their existing rankings for Charlotte, Lexington (NC), and Austin, and is a great resource for anyone planning to go through, anywhere near, or to Nashville — as everyone should. The Barbecue Bros – Monk, Rudy, and Speedy – grew up in High Point, North Carolina. You … Continue reading Barbecue Bros’ Top 5 Barbecue Places in Nashville

Your Holiday Shopping Guide

I imagine that some of you haven’t finished your holiday shopping. I’ve justcompleted my own Christmas shopping this year, almost two weeks ahead off my usual start time, and I feel pretty smug. But this is a time for charity, so here’s a barbecue-related shopping guide courtesy of the Barbecue Bros. You can find all sorts of sauces, rubs, utensils, hats, buttons, koozies, and t-shirts. … Continue reading Your Holiday Shopping Guide

The McRib Sandwich

The McRib returned to McDonalds for another appearance on December 2 this year. Alerted to the return, I decided finally to give one a try. I’m not a regular at McDonalds, although for years when I’ve been traveling by myself I have eaten their breakfast sandwiches fairly often in the absence of a free hotel breakfast. I mainly order the sausage egg and cheese biscuit. … Continue reading The McRib Sandwich