A Virginia Update

I happened to notice that several people recently have viewed one of my old posts, Some Barbecue Possibilities in Virginia. I wrote the post back in 2016 after my cousin and Senior Western North Carolina Correspondent, Sinclair Griffin Lee, sent me a link to a Virginia Travel story. One of the problems with a food blog is that posts sometimes become out of date, and readers who come across them can be misled. Restaurants open and close — a lot of small businesses are closing these locked down days. Reviews also can change, especially as to my ranking of restaurants (best pork in Virginia!), as I try new places and find a place that has even better pork or brisket.

In the Virginia Possibilities case, I chanced across the blog’s recent stats and saw that the original post had been getting some traffic, and that the post needed updating. I actually had updated the original earlier with the glorious advent of South Fork, which, heartbreaking to say, soon closed: too many people had asked chef Blaine Cooper for chicken tenders, which is sort of like asking Vermeer to paint your garage. The garage exterior, not a picture of the garage.

I’ve updated that post here. I try to update posts when places close, and I post new reviews when I become aware of developments that merit comment. I admit, however, to a tendency toward sloth as well as gluttony. (I’ve got the other five deadly sins pretty well under control at present. Pretty well. We won’t go into that.) As a result, my updating can be pretty spotty.

I certainly appreciate your help in flagging new developments, and
I covet your help in identifying additional good places to eat. I guess that covetousness is a sin, too, but in my case it tends to be a mere sub-sin of gluttony, rather a desire for larger houses, additional … wives pro tempore, and so forth. So I’ll just ask for and welcome your help.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to the Blog and keep checking the Campaign for Real Barbecue site for the ever-expanding state lists of places that cook True ‘Cue, barbecue cooked over wood or coals without gas or electric backup.


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