Sam Jones BBQ has Opened in Raleigh

This is the biggest news of the year! Okay, maybe not the biggest, depending on your priorities, but really big. And thanks to Dan Kenney, he of the excellent Coach4aday blog and the even more excellent Annual Beer Snob Pig Picking, for alerting me to this short piece from a Raleigh station.

Raleigh has been waiting for some time for a much-ballyhooed wave of new wood-cooked barbecue places to open, a wave that local boosters suggest Raleigh could make a mecca on the order of Lexington or Ayden. We’ll see. Anyway, Sam Jones is the first of the new places to open.

The original Sam Jones BBQ is in Winterville, which is just north of Ayden, right in Pitt County, the heart of Eastern North Carolina Barbecue. You can read reviews of Sam Jones BBQ here and here. And here’s the web site for the new Raleigh place.

You should go try the new location. It’s a good place, although the pork rinds and pimiento cheese dish was disappointing.


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5 thoughts on “Sam Jones BBQ has Opened in Raleigh

  1. I’ll probably eventually try them again, but my first visit was really disappointing. I thought the pork was good, I liked the space, and they were very nice, and maybe I shouldn’t let this color my opinion, but my order of fries were cold. When I complained they replaced them, and they weren’t much better. Maybe it was because I went to B’s, got the last sandwich after they had already closed, just before going to Sam Jones, and B’s was far superior in Eve way.
    I had had Sam Jones pork sandwich at the Windy City Smokeout in Chicago three years in a row and loved it, although I think I loved it a bit less the third year. I found the sandwich at the restaurant not as good.

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  2. They certainly aren’t as good as the Skylight Inn, the other Jones place. I put them at #4 in Pitt County, up from #5 since Jack Cobb closed (#1 Bum’s, #2 Skylight, #3 B’s), but they may vie for best in the Raleigh area. I would dearly love to have them here in DC. The best order at Sam Jones is a tray(pork, slaw and a corncake). And serving fries and not hushpuppies in North Carolina is just wrong.


  3. Haven’t made the journey from Greensboro to the Raleigh location yet but my cousin has been a couple times. He said as soon as it opened it became the best barbecue in Raleigh.

    I’ve only been to the Greenville Sam Jones once. The pork was great. Had the mac and cheese (great), fries (fine), sweet potato cornbread (amazing), collards (very good) between my and my wife’s order. Hope Raleigh is as good as Greenville and it might become a regular stop when I’m back in Raleigh for Wolfpack games.

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