Havana Cabana, Key West, Florida

Nancy and I spent a day at Havana Cabana last year with our neighbors, Scott, Julie, AJ, Hudson, and their posse — they of the Great Hammons-Cole-Guy September Barbecue. (See here.) You have a posse, don’t you? Anyway, much as Nancy and I loved the Barbary Beach House where we stayed that trip –and we really loved it — we decided to stay at the Havana Cabana this time.

Both hotels have the same management, the redoubtable Milos Davidovich, and both attract an interesting international clientele. And both have absolutely outstanding service. Annette and company at the front desk are great, and in all my life I’ve never seen a more proactive pool concierge than Nick. Although injured and wearing one of those boots, he was everywhere: walk toward the pool (the largest pool in Key West), and there comes Nick, laden with towels, asking how many towels you need. If he isn’t clearing used glasses and towels, he’s passing out complimentary smoothies or fruit popsicles.

The Havana Cabana service begins with a bracing welcome: a glass of very tasty sangria that contains some serious brandy. And there’s the great food at the Floridita Food Truck.

What a place to stay! It’s smaller than the Barbary Beach Club, more of a boutique, I suppose. What really makes Havana Cabana special though, is the devotion to the atmosphere of 1950s Cuba — reprised here, once again. Much information about Havana Cabana, including their two ’57 Chevys, is in my earlier post, here. Take a look at it. For this post, I’ll just add more of the atmospheric artwork that covers the hotel, right down to the floors.

Well, I actually have far too many pictures to post. There’s that much original art. Here are a few —

And, to show one aspect of Key West:

They go on and on — and, again, check my earlier post on Havana Cabana — but even with those pictures, you’ll see only the beginning.

The thoroughness of the atmosphere created by the paintings, the cars, and the many Cuban touches make Havana Cabana a really fun place to stay. And Key West is a great place to vacation. Despite Key West’s reputation, it’s very family friendly. There’s a lot for kids. Ella and Lily and their California cousins, Devon and Ryan, came over and had a wonderful time with the pool, the huge floaties, and the various games at Havana Cabana. And there’s much more to Key West than Duval Street. Even on Duval, there’s a delightful butterfly museum, the show at Mallory Square, the beginning an over-the-top Christmas light tour, museums, and some wonderful sunset cruises. (See the green flash!) Not to mention great food for all. Stay tuned for that.


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