Floridita Food Truck, Key West, Florida

During our delightful stay at Havana Cabana, Nancy and I hit the Floridita Food Truck several times. Well, I did. Actually, the food truck is permanently parked, or rather set up, on the grounds of Havana Cabana. It is, in effect, the hotel pool grill, but all customers are welcome, and all should stop by.

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The truck is set under a big tiki, with plenty of room between tables.

Right next to it is the poolside bar under a separate roof.

As to the bar, fair warning: I innocently ordered a Bloody M<ary one morning, and my eyes popped as I saw it mixed: ice, vodka, garnish, and a Bloody Mary mix floater. That’s poetic license, but clearly, Havana Cabana is nothing if not generous.

I also tested their Jai Alai IPA by Cigar City Brewing several times, and found tha it was dependably excellent. I occasionally pick up a six-pack here in DC.

I’ve written about the Floridita food (Cuban sandwich, fish tacos, extraordinary avocado salad) before, here and here. This time I branched out and tried the very good ropa vieja sandwich (and also some of their great, great smoked fish dip), but I didn’t get pictures or keep track of what everyone was ordering. There were 10 of us, including four small children and …. Oh, we had some nachos, which everyone liked.

I went there for breakfast one morning, and had a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on pressed Cuban bread.

You can’t go far wrong on a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich, and it’s almost impossible to do so on pressed Cuban bread. This one was very, very good. It came with hash browns — I’d call them home fries, but people seem to use the terms interchangeably. By any name, the potatoes were wonderful, crunchy exteriors with tender centers, and that good earthy potato flavor. With a good cup of coffee (and no Bloody Mary), it was a truly great breakfast.

I’ve gone on and on about what a great place Havana Cabana is, and the Floridita Food Truck is one more thing that makes it a wonderful place to stay. And the food truck is well worth a stop regardless of where you stay. Just make sure that if you feel like having a couple of Bloody Marys, have someone else drive.


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