New Orleans by Myra is Back! In Lusby, Maryland

Oh, I got excited! Nancy and I went down to Lusby, Maryland, for the weekend and I saw it! The New Orleans by Myra’s food truck, the source of the best Shrimp Po-Boy and the best Oyster Po-Boy in the area. They’d been away for months, and I’d been left bereft. No more! Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer … well, it’s still winter and COVID lingers, but I was content. I saw the truck after our large late lunch at Pinkie’s Eatery, so I waited until the next day to go there.

I drove up at noon sharp, but the truck was just pulling up. Develand, Myra’s husband, yelled, “Five minutes!” so I wandered over to the Giant and bought some stuff, and then went into Patuxent Wine and Spirits and bought some stuff. I then headed back to Myra’s truck. By then, Develand was doing business. It turns out that Myra and Develand had been in Franklinton, Louisiana, where Myra has family. I hope everyone’s okay. I’m ashamed I neglected to ask. Franklinton is the county seat of Washington Parish, which is outside Cajun Country demographically — not a lot of people there speak French as their first language — but it is well within the Cajun culinary sphere of influence. Franklinton also is deep, I mean deep in LSU fan territory, and Myra is decidedly an LSU fan. I, of course, say “Roll Tide” at the drop of a hat.

Develand explained that he’d been late because he had run ten miles that morning. I explained the dangers of running 10 miles in the morning and ordered a remarkably large boudin dog with onions and peppers,

and a small jambalaya.

Big mistake. I should’ve ordered a large jambalaya. Boy, was it good! It was packed with shrimp, sausage and crawfish, and the seasoning was just about perfect. Nancy had a taste or two and agreed that the jambalaya was a great dish.

The boudin dog comes with onions and peppers if you like, and I like. Nancy thought the boudin was a little dry. I have to confess that I had distracted Develand while he was trying to cook with some football trash talk. This was right before the Super Bowl, and Develand asked me who I thought would win. Now, I don’t follow professional football closely, especially this fan-free year. I mainly rely on my friend Dan Ebeling for professional sports wisdom, of which he is a font. Dan’s view of the Super Bowl outcome was, and I quote, “Betting against Tom Brady is like betting against Alabama.” I’ve used that line several times, and I used it with Develand. Naturally that got him away from cooking for a minute, and the boudin dog may have been a smidge overdone. But, Oh! it was delicious! The beautiful blend of spices, the symphony of flavor … I would continue the musical metaphor but I know nothing of music and am under court order not to perform any musical act in 23 states and the District of Columbia. But I do know sausage, and that was good sausage. Myra also offers an Alligator dog, an Andouille dog, and a Louisiana Hot dog. Just try to stop me from trying them all.

Friends, Lusby, Maryland, may be a bit of a drive for you. I know that. But aren’t you sick of being cooped up for a year? Wouldn’t a nice road trip down to Solomons and the Chesapeake Bay be welcome? Wouldn’t you like a world class shrimp or oyster po’ boy or some really good jambalaya or a nice sausage sandwich? Give Myra’s a try. You’ll become a regular.


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6 thoughts on “New Orleans by Myra is Back! In Lusby, Maryland

  1. That looks great! The jambalaya looks spot on. Down here there are two types of jambalaya, brown or red. That one looks in between from the picture. FYI,I love both types !

    I live about 25 min from Franklinton in Covington. Beautiful drive from my house.

    Love your blog and yes Rolltide! I catch a lot of flack down here but you know, it gets awfully quite when we beat the stew out of them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for keeping the true faith in hostile territory, and thanks for the kind comments. I’m eager to travel again, and another trip or three to Louisiana is on the agenda. I am fairly well in top of NOLA, but welcome your suggestions for Baton Rouge and The eastern parishes.


  2. Always concerned about your fellow man-had to laugh with your advice and order all rolled into one sentence.

    “I explained the dangers of running 10 miles in the morning and ordered a remarkably large boudin dog with onions and peppers, and a small jambalaya”.

    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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