Where to Eat along I-95 between Washington and Florida

We’re getting into prime Spring Break season, and there you are, all vaccinated (twice!) and oh so ready to get away. You’ve been stuck at home staring at your Zoom monitor for over a year, so this is an especially good time to drive south. Not to the madness of of collegiate destinations like South Beach, but south to wide beaches, sunshine, and gentle breezes.  

For many, that means a long drive down I-95 and a forlorn search for good, non-chain places to eat. Fear not.  You need look no farther than this annotated list of good to great local restaurants all along the way. There will be one not too far ahead whenever you get hungry. All welcome children, and none will break the bank.

I posted the first version of the list a couple of years ago, and since then I’ve since learned of and added more and more good places to eat all the way to Key West. And I’ll be adding to it from time to time, so you might want to bookmark it.  

Eat well and drive carefully. And, as always stay away from large groups of young people who are drinking and acting as you did in your salad days, when you were green in judgment. They tend to congregate, as you may remember, so that leaves plenty of room for you.


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4 thoughts on “Where to Eat along I-95 between Washington and Florida

  1. Hello John,
    I haven’t read the list yet. But considering its age, I’m reminded of a road trip to photograph a farm near Davenport, Iowa. The Stearn’s book “Road Food” had come out the year before and we decided to make a fifty mile detour (no cellphones) to a touted place for dinner, only to discover that the restaurant had been out of business for six months. That night’s meal was not memorable, but our chagrin was. Considering COVID’s devastation of the restaurant business, a word to the wise.

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  2. Wow, that’s such a FEAST !
    Have been going down to Hilton Head, SC for past 23 years, and always craved for some good food along the way but never had time to do research.
    Now we have all in front of us. Will include the DC – Savannah part in the tips for our beach condo renters…
    Thank you !

    PS. When in Hilton Head, try Choo Choo BOO BBQ on Burnt Church Rd just before entering Blufton for a rack of ribs next time. Delicious !

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