Salvage Barbecue, Portland, Maine

Well fed after our dinner at Buck’s Fishing and Camping, our dear friends, Jon and Nancy Breul, shook the dust of Washington from their feet and left for their new home in South Portland. Actually they’d been living Maine for over a year, during which time they established themselves as our Senior South Portland Correspondents.

Our Correspondents nobly spurned, for at least one meal, the siren song of lobster, and headed to Salvage Barbecue. Jon offered this report:

I had the chopped pork sandwich,

Nancy had the brisket sandwich. 

Both were excellent.  The pork in particular was large chunks, not fine chopped.  And it had a wonderful burnt end. For sides, I had the coleslaw which had a nice tang; Nancy had beet salad,  For beers,

Nancy chose Tumbledown Red (Irish Ale); I picked the Rising Tide Ishmael (Copper Ale).  [Ed. Note: You will observe that these are honest, 16 ounce pints. You don’t see that much here in DC. And that’s quite a selection of drafts.]

We finished with Pecan Pie and Blueberry Pie. 

The crusts were particularly good.  My blueberry pie was full of small Maine blueberries, with a touch of lemon. 

Salvage BBQ is just as good as ever.  They will move to additional seating outdoors in the parking lot when it is a bit warmer, and move the long picnic tables back inside when the Governor gives them the OK on COVID.

Now that sounds good, doesn’t it? Nancy and I are planning a trip to Maine in warmer weather, and I’m eager to try Salvage, the enigmatic Wilson County Barbecue, and possibly Noble and a couple of others — saving room for lobster, of course.

By all accounts, Salvage is the top barbecue place in Maine, although an earlier review by our Senior Portland Correspondents, Knapp and Ella Davies Hudson, was more equivocal. Give it a try if you’re up there, and by all means, if you know of a better place, please mention it in a comment.


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6 thoughts on “Salvage Barbecue, Portland, Maine

  1. I’m a BBQ hound from way back. Grew up in Macon, GA and cut my teeth on Fincher’s, Old Clinton in Gray and Fresh Air in Jackson. I now live in Portland and agree that Salvage is quite good. I really don’t care for Wilson Country and have not tried Noble yet. My all time favorite BBQ pork sandwich is still Paul Gant’s in Port St. Joe, FL. Knapp and Ella are good friends. They definitely know their Q!

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      1. I’ve been going to Fresh Air since I was a child. It never disappoints. They also have authentic Brunswick Stew. Paul Gant’s is pretty amazing, but the best thing is the BBQ pork sandwich. I don’t care for his ribs. I also like his beans and slaw. The banana pudding is good too.

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