Bleuwater, Great Bay, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

After our sunset cruise, we (Tanners, Boyds, and Hammons) dropped the kids with a babysitter and went to dinner at Bleuwater, one of the in-house restaurants at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Regular readers will know that I’m not a fine dining guy. When I’m not eating barbecue, I gravitate toward places like the Blue and White, Lindsey’s Chevron, and my favorite breakfast place. But every now and then I run with the big dogs, and I found myself in that situation at Bleuwater. And I really enjoyed it.

Bleuwater is very stylish, with great attention to detail. Everything was pretty. And the service was excellent. The menu was a little confusing at first. It didn’t follow the usual appetizers-entrees-desserts sequence, but our server gracefully put us on the right track. Take a look at the menu for detailed descriptions of the various dishes.

We started with some wine and appetizers, first some crispy chicken gyoza with a ponzu chili sauce. Gyoza are stuffed dumplings, and they had an excellent flavor that was boosted by a delicious sauce.

Someone seems to have purloined one. Wonder who. I skipped photographing the other appetizers since I was in such a nice place. We also had some Thai glass noodles with a nice lime and peppery kick, and fried jumbo prawns with a “spicy wasabi dip.” The shrimp were very good, fresh, well fried, and not at all tough. And I enjoyed the spicy wasabi.  

For main courses, Michael, Scott, and I had the Caribbean lobster and broccoli in a complex Thai red curry sauce with threads of lemon and ginger and some tasty peppers. And lots of lobster.

Julie had stir fried beef tenderloin with spicy shitake mushrooms and spinach.

She took a bite and said, “Oh, my God! So great!” I later had a taste and her’s was a precise assessment. The beef was medium rare and oh, so tender, and the sauce was delicious. 

Liza had the tuna, and Nancy had the shrimp wonton soup with dumplings. Nancy got a picture of her’s but they were too far away for me to sneak a taste, and I’ll have to rely on their faces wreathed with smiles to assure you that they were well pleased.

Everyone really enjoyed their choices, and it was a very special meal. There was a comment or two about the spiciness of the food, but, even giving my tolerance of spicy food, I thought that the peppers were flavorful and complementary rather than just hot, and that all of the dishes were well balanced.

One thing — Did you refer to the menu for detailed dish descriptions as I suggested? If not, you might just go ahead and give it a quick glance before you amble over for a meal there. Just sayin’.

Bleuwater really is good, a lovely place. Curiously, they serve breakfast as well as dinner, but not lunch. Whenever you go, it will be a meal you’ll remember. 


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