Ayden Collard Festival Set for September 10 and 11

The people, united, can never be defeated! By popular demand, the Ayden Collard Festival will be held after all.

Here are the particulars from their Facebook post:

Rides and vendors will open on Friday night at 5pm and we will close the night with Fantasy band on stage. Saturday will begin at 10am with the Collard Festival Parade, followed by rides, entertainment, and vendors all day. We will close Saturday night with The Embers on West Avenue Stage!

For background information on Ayden, the local heirloom collards, and the Festival, see here. And, as you will recall, Ayden is home to the two best Eastern North Carolina style barbecue places on the face of the earth, Bum’s Restaurant

and the Skylight Inn.

I am cautiously optimistic that I’ll be able to attend. I hope to see you there.


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4 thoughts on “Ayden Collard Festival Set for September 10 and 11

      1. Of course I didn’t grow up with any of this. I don’t remember when I had my first hush puppies, but I’m pretty sure the first corn sticks were from Parker’s or Bum’s. And I can’t remember having a lot of cornbread, or where I would have had it. I think it’s certainly more common. But that cornbread at Skylight Inn is, to quote a dear friend, nasty.
        I was back stage after one of my trips and one of my colleagues asked me what a hush puppy was.

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