The Local, Nashville, Tennessee

After dinner at Jack Cawthon’s, Nancy remembered that she’d seen another live music venue when we were trying to get to the Parthenon from the wrong side — that’s the full size replica of the Parthenon in Nashville. It was The Local, and its location put it safely beyond the bachelorette/party boat crowd, so we decided to go for some music before turning in.

Nancy and I were able to grab a table and ordered club soda and beer, respectively. My beer was a Black Abbey TN IPA, which I enjoyed .

Amanda Raye and the Badass Band were performing. Here’s my photo.

Do you like the gritty authenticity of my photo? Here’s one I lifted from her Facebook page.

I suppose it’s nice to discern actual images, if you like that sort of thing.

Both Nancy and I enjoyed the performance immensely. As all of my acquaintances know, I’m really illiterate when it comes to music. Indeed, I’m under court order not to sing in public in 28 states and the District of Columbia. I’ll refer you to her website for you to assess for yourself her variety of musical styles, or blend of styles. I’ll offer that it’s a combination of soul-leaning rock with a bit more jazz than country, if that helps. It doesn’t? Sigh.

Nancy knows a lot about music, and has performed in all sorts of places — China New Zealand. Nancy was able to discern things like professionalism and training that just fly right by me … unless they aren’t there. Nancy was very impressed. So there you have it, both from knowledge (Nancy’s) and from ignorance (mine).

At the end of her set, Raye called her younger daughter (she has two) up, and they sang a duet of These Boots are Made for Walking. The two girls had been sitting at the table behind us. It was really nice — like her mother, that girl has a lot of talent. It also was a reminder of how tough a road musicians have. And single mothers. And how much love and dedication it must take, for both.

Keep an eye out for Amanda Raye. And do stop by The Local. You’ll hear some very good music — very professional music and very fun music. We couldn’t stay long and I didn’t explore their menu, but the service was good and I believe their motto — come as a stranger, leave as a local.


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