The Grill Sergeant BBQ, Lusby, Maryland

I was excited to try the Grill Sergeant. Nancy and I had stopped by to get something to take home late one afternoon before heading home. When we pulled up, they were almost sold out. We were able to grab a turkey sandwich for Nancy and a Pork Wing for me (that’s a pork shank, by the way) before starting our trip back to DC. On our way back, we decided to follow Eric Zabiegalski’s recommendation that we try Mrs. Moo’s ice cream some time.

When it comes to ice cream recommendations, “some time” often turns into “right now.” Nancy and I took a detour from our regular route, and kept our eyes open for a Mrs. Moo’s sign. Alas, the sign says “Farm Stand,” and we drove right by it until we got to the Patuxent River. We doubled back, drove into the Farm Stand, and got generous portions of excellent ice cream. Sated, we lumbered our way to Washington. By the time we arrived home and decided we were (I was) able to eat again, the food had been sitting around for a while. The pork wing tasted good, especially considering the wait, but all in all, it wasn’t a basis for assessing the Grill Sergeant’s product.

So I was eager to try again, which we did the next Saturday we were in Lusby. The Grill Sergeant’s truck was set up in the Sneade’s Ace Home Center parking lot, as it is on Friday and Saturday these days.

I will digress briefly to sing the praises of Sneade’s. Is there a better hardware store anywhere? Doubtful. We end up looking for reasons to go to Sneade’s on every trip to Calvert County.

Back to business. I ordered a half rack of ribs for me and a half chicken for Nancy, although she wasn’t really hungry. Both orders came with a whole lot of fries. I took them to the car and opened the containers, first the ribs:

I had a rib. Delicious. I had another rib. Delicious. I had a french fry. Also delicious. I opened the chicken. At his point I realized that my hands were a mess, as hands are and should be when one is eating ribs, so I skipped taking a picture. That’s the sort of lack of foresight I show when faced with good ribs.

Heedless of my fingers, I pulled off a wing. Delicious. As were the accompanying fries. (I’m careful to look for consistency.) I nibbled some more, mainly on the ribs and fries, and then waddled back to the truck, licking my fingers, to pay homage to the chefs. There they are, The Grill Sgt., Mike Theesen, on the left, and Tom Carnobas on the right.   

Nancy and I headed back to the ranch after a longish stop at the grocery, and perhaps a stop at Baskin-Robbins, and I had some more ribs and fries. Still very good. Nancy liked the chicken, but for some reason, Nancy doesn’t eat much when she isn’t hungry.

Michael and Liza arrived with Ella and Lily after two or three hours, and I took the remaining chicken over to them. They all loved it, even after all that time. I nibbled some more, and they were right. It hadn’t dried, and it retained all of that great smoky flavor. Remarkable.

The Grill Sergeant does a lot of catering — you can see some of his clients on his website — and he has a couple of big old smokers he can set up at events. The truck itself has a Southern Pride smoker in back, not my favorite brand, but he can make it sing.

You really ought to try the Grill Sergeant. After all, you’ll be at Sneade’s on Friday and Saturday anyway. The ribs and chicken were delicious, and I’m eager to try the pork.


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