The Lighthouse Restaurant and Dock Bar, Solomons, Maryland

You could hardly ask for a lovelier setting. The Lighthouse is on the narrow neck of land that comprises Solomons, a major pleasure boating center down in Calvert County. The restaurant has an extensive tiered back deck that overlooks the marinas. It’s a beautiful place to sit on a nice day. We went recently. Here’s the view from Nancy’s seat.

Here’s the view from my seat.

You just can’t miss with that setting, and you’ll enjoy your meal. Nancy and I have been there for lunch several times. On the most recent visit, Nancy ordered an avocado strawberry salad topped with an “angry crab cake.”

The “angry” part distinguishes the crab cake from a standard crab cake: it’s a touch more aggressively seasoned, but the crab cake actually is not very angry, miffed perhaps, and certainly not angry enough to get in the way of the crab flavor, which is the last thing you want. It’s a superior crab cake.

In addition to a half avocado and some strawberries, the salad contained spinach, onion, almonds, bacon, and croutons. As you can see, or if you could see just how deep that salad bowl was, it’s a big salad. Nancy described it as “gigantic.” She also described it as fresh, her primary salad endorsement, and enhanced by the dressing — which, from the amount provided, you really should get on the side.  The salad was too much for Nancy, so she gave me a big chunk of avocado.

I ordered a shrimp po’ boy with onion rings instead of french fries or a side salad.

When I said “onion rings,” Nancy repeated the words in a tone of voice that suggested, “That’s just what Hitler would have ordered.” I responded calmly: “I need my vegetables.” The server laughed, which guaranteed a larger tip.

I was pleased with the sandwich. The shrimp were fresh and well-cooked — not tough and not greasy. The remoulade was flavorful — not up to New Orleans by Myra’s, but well above average, and the Lighthouse’s view is much better. The po’ boy came on good bread, extraordinary bread by local standards. (Calvert County tends to be very strong on fillings but less so on the bread.) There was lettuce and there was … tomato. I dearly love fresh tomatoes, and I deplore those flavorless pink balls you get off-season. The sandwich came with a thick slice of such an ersatz tomato. I removed it and set it aside.

And the onion rings were delicious. Nancy asked for one, which is just the sort of thing Neville Chamberlain would have done. Having no further territorial ambitions, I assented, and there was peace in our time.

It was another delightful lunch at the Lighthouse. I thought the service was quite good, even when the server wasn’t laughing at my jokes. The setting was wonderful, and the food was just right. The lighthouse is a lovely place, and helps make a day trip to Solomons well worthwhile.


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