Barbecue in Texas on a Monday

I saw this on The Smoke Sheet and The ‘Cue Sheet, two invaluable barbecue resources. A whole lot of barbecue places in Texas — and in other states — are closed on Monday. That’s a big problem because most Texans eat on Monday as well as other days of the week. Indeed, I have yet to meet one who doesn’t. And on Mondays people tend to need all of the help they can get.

To the rescue comes Kevin’s Barbecue Joints with a list — which you can read here — of Texas barbecue places that are open on Monday.

There are a good number of them, including a lot of great places, such as the ineffable Original City Market in Luling, and many, many others.

Two chains bear mentioning, if only for the efficiency of identifying a lot of places at once: All of the True Texas (HEB) and Rudy’s places are open on Mondays. I really liked the Rudy’s in Waco when I was a Visiting Prof. at Baylor Law.

Take a look at the list yourself. You’ll see a lot of ports in a Monday storm. You should keep a copy of the list and consult it in case you plan to be in or near Texas at some point in your life. And follow Kevin’s Blog.


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