Eddie’s Place, Charlotte, North Carolina

After delicious lunches at the new Sam Jones in Raleigh and Backyard Barbecue Pit in Durham, I headed down the highway to Charlotte to see family. A heavy rain made passing Lexington without stopping to eat a lot easier. I managed to find Scott and Nora’s house, despite the best efforts of my GPS, and we went to dinner with Sinclair and Eric. You met them all at Noble Smoke. For those monitoring my eating habits, we all went to Southern Pecan, where we split some Delta Tamales (not really Delta style, but very tasty), and I ordered the jambalaya, of which I heartily approved. Afterwards, Scott and I sat up and chatted a bit over a glass or two of bourbon about organizing a Griffin family reunion. (Dear was a Griffin.)

But this is about Eddie’s Place, where Scott and I had breakfast the next morning. Eddie’s Place has lots to offer. They serve breakfast all day. They have lots of Cajun offerings along with standard American fare, and they have a locally famous She Crab Soup with sherry. There’s a bar and there are television screens that, except perhaps on game days, are relatively unobtrusive. Best of all, it is very much a neighborhood place. The folks there are friendly and lots of the customers know each other.

And they make a very good breakfast, with something for everyone. There are eight kinds of breads, and the meat offerings extend from fried chicken and waffles to livermush. Scott happily ordered bacon and scrambled eggs with hash browns crisped,

and I had eggs over easy with sausage and hash browns crisped.

We both ordered biscuits, split and grilled.

I had never had a biscuit split and grilled, nor had Scott, until recently. Cousin Sinclair had told him about the grilled option for biscuits.

From now on, I may always, or at least often, ask to have my biscuits grilled — except, of course, when they are part of a breakfast sandwich. The addition of the crunch and caramelization take the biscuits to another level. Try it next time you get biscuits.

The rest of the breakfast was outstanding. My eggs were cooked beautifully, with the irreducible minimum of yolk solidified. The sausage was meaty and very well seasoned, and the hash browns had a sensational exterior crunch and interior creaminess. You may think that you’ve had great hash browns scattered, peppered, and chunked. I have. Great as those were, Eddie’s hash browns are the stuff of legend.

If you live near Charlotte, you should eat at Eddie’s. If you’re in Charlotte for a three or four day conference, say, eat there every morning, and I’ll bet by the last day they greet you by name and ask if you want “the usual.”


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