Hilana Falafel Pop-Up at Broad Branch Market, Washington, DC

Hilana Falafel has started a Monday afternoon pop-up outside Broad Branch Market in Upper Northwest. Broad Branch Market is a small corner grocery in an upscale neighborhood that sells, among other things, really good baguettes hot out of the oven. Buy one if only to drive around with it in your car and drink in the aroma, or just hug it to your breast.

Back to falafel. I honestly don’t eat a lot of falafel, it being made with chick peas rather than meat. I recently had some at Tavern on the Square in Vail, and really enjoyed it. In Paris, the world beats a path to L’As du Fallafel in Rue du Rosiers in the Marais. Here’s Nancy a couple of years ago.

Hilana Falafel is selling “Jerusalem-style” falafel wraps at Broad Branch Market on Monday afternoons from 3:00-7:00 pm from a tent they’ve set up outside.

The falafel is served wrapped with your choices among a host of toppings made with local ingredients —

I followed the advice of Morgan, who was taking orders, to get my wrap loaded with everything.

You can’t see much there, but it was a good choice. The falafel itself is beautifully seasoned and flavorful, and the other ingredients add a nice counterpoint to the crunchy texture of the falafel exterior and to its grainy interior. I recognize that some people won’t like the harissa (it’s quite spicy) while others, like me, will ask for extra next time.

And there will be a next time. The wrap costs a reasonable $12, and 10 percent of the bill goes to the Lafayette Elementary School Home and School Association. I’m always happy to support charities, and while this isn’t exactly the neediest neighborhood in the world, when food is involved, my arms open wide to embrace the world. So to speak.

Hilana Falafel also makes appearances at various farmers markets and events. You can keep track by checking their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Currently, their Instagram page shows regular stops:

T: City Center 11-2
Th: White House 11-2
F: Capital Harvest 11-3 & USDA 9-2
Sat: Mt. Pleasant 9-1

At these, Hillana apparently offers falafel salads and probably other stuff, so try those locations if they’re more convenient They’re vegan and gluten-free options (I guess the wrap) are available. Wherever you get a chance, you really should give Hilana Falafel a try.


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4 thoughts on “Hilana Falafel Pop-Up at Broad Branch Market, Washington, DC

  1. Hi John,

    I am the owner of Hilana Falafel and would like to thank you for the nice blog. One of my customers sent me your post and had a big smile reading it!
    Small correction it’s Hilana not Hilani 🙂

    Looking forward to meeting you one day!

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  2. I am not a great fan of chickpeas so wonder if anyone has found the Egyptian version of falafel (“ta’amiyya” ) which is made of broad beans and lots of parsley etc. I’ve tried a number of recipes to make it myself and using broad beans in their varied incarnations (fresh, frozen, canned, dried) but have not had much success so far

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