Meat BBQ, Lansing, Michigan

As I mentioned earlier, Nancy and I went to Michigan so we could check off another state in our project to complete 10k walks in all 50 state capitals. One of the many nice things about the walks is that they take you past things the local folks want to show off, which usually involves historic districts with restaurants and shops.

Such was the case in Lansing. A light rain began just as we entered Old Town and we were feeling the first pangs of hunger. Fate placed us one block from Meat BBQ.

Meat BBQ is a good sized place with two dining areas. Here’s one.

We took the room less traveled and perused the menu. Nancy commented on the scoop neck of the server’s blouse. It was nice of her to point that out. I might have missed it.

Nancy ordered the smoked turkey sandwich which came with pepper jack cheese, bacon, and jalapeños. She was able to get a pumpernickel bun rather than the standard white bun.

Nancy liked her sandwich. The turkey was moist with some smoke, not a whole lot. The slaw avoided the common sin of too much dressing. Was disappointed that she didn’t offer me the jalapeños.

I ordered a pork sandwich with the cole slaw on the side, and potato salad. The sandwich normally comes with a sweet sauce, but they happily left off the sauce for me.

The pork was nice and tender with a light smoke flavor. As you can see, there was a good bit of outside meat, and the flavor was further enhanced by the grilled bun. Nice touch. All in all it was a good sandwich. The potato salad was a treat. The potatoes — not overcooked — were blended with bacon and blue cheese, two of my favorite flavors.  

Meat BBQ offers a very wide selection of sauces.  

Nancy enjoyed some of the Vinn #666 sauce on her turkey, and I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed the Hot Garlic sauce. It wasn’t particularly hot, but the flavors blended well with the pork.  

Our server was very upbeat and helpful. We got our substitutions — the pumpernickel bun and the sauceless pork — without the slightest demur, and she was enthusiastic and informative about the restaurant’s operation. All of the dishes are made from scratch, and the cocktails all use fresh juices. They cook the meat fresh every day and serve until they run out. This is a well-run operation.

Meat BBQ was busy but relaxed, and the food ws good. I can see why it’s popular. If you’re near Lansing you should give it a try.


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