Coffee Nature, Tenleytown, Washington, DC

My visit to Coffee Nature was prompted by a report that there had been break-in at three businesses on Fessenden Street, Coffee Nature, Sol, and DeLouise Custom Tailors. You can see that the door, now covered with cardboard, had been smashed.

Usually I go to Starbucks to chat with a group of friends or, more recently, the Italian Bar. I figured that they could use some love, so I stopped by for a medium coffee.

Coffee nature occupies a smallish place, but it offers a surprising amount and variety of seating — at a handful of tables inside, tables out, at a counter along a wall,

and at an area with upholstered chairs and a miscellany of books.  There are all sorts of works by local artists on display and for sale, and jazz plays softly in the background. It’s a very homey place, a nice place to be.

I ordered a medium Cafe Americano. That involved a glance at the menu, and that glance prompted me to give Coffee Nature, and perhaps myself, some additional love. I ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese on a sesame bagel. With the coffee, the total was under $10.  Here it is.

The bacon especially was good. Well, duh. Bacon is always very good, but this was well above average, and it combined very well with a freshly cooked egg and nicely melted cheese. The bagel itself was on the soft side, but the sandwich hit the spot. The coffee was good, too. I’d rate it better than Starbucks, but a notch below the Italian Bar.

As I enjoyed my breakfast, I looked around and saw that in addition to predictable sandwiches and wraps, Coffee Nature offers a number of Korean dishes — salad bowls, rice bowls, and bibimbap with ribeye or spicy pork bulgogi, or Korean barbecued chicken.  I’ll be back to Coffee Nature for lunch to try those. I hope to see you there. This is just the sort of small independent place that has been hammered by the pandemic controls, and is now being hammered by inflation, supply chain, and labor supply issues. It’s the sort of place that adds so much to a neighborhood and community. I hope you’ll give it a try


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15 thoughts on “Coffee Nature, Tenleytown, Washington, DC

  1. Your blog continues its excellence with fabulous Breakfast, Lunch. and Dinner reviews. Any chance you will add a few “Midnight Snack” reviews! Have a great week-FYI Curt Liljedahl bragged on you!

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  2. As you know, this is one of our favorite spots! Thanks for featuring it!

    Have a great trip and say hi to Des Moines for me- Lyn

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  3. John, Coffee Nature is a great neighborhood destination. They recently expanded their hours until 6pm. The community has strongly supported Coffee Nature through the pandemic and now, under new ownership it is flourishing. Recently they started Saturday morning music by local musicians. It’s fun to listen to live music while enjoying a latte. If you come back, check out the Little Gallery ( which is on the corner of Fessenden and 44th. In a small way, your website (using WordPress) inspired me to use the same technology for LG. A current exhibitor, Paul Bennett who plays Native American flute music, learned about LG at Coffee Nature. Also, my wife, Betsy of Songbird Ceramics, is one of the local artists that displays her wares at CN.

    I guess you’ve realized by now: We love Coffee Nature. Come back often.

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  4. I just saw your post about Coffee Nature, which I have not visited….yet. But I will, since it is within walking distance. Please sign me up for your blog. Thanks.

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  5. hello John! I am a follower and we have communicated about St Kitts. After following you for a few months I mentioned your blog to my friend in Blowing Rock… your Sister-in-law Cantey! We live in Blowing Rock for the Summer months and are crazy about Jim and Cantey! Once again, small world! Best regards, Kitty Armfield

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    1. They just mentioned you yesterday, and I was tracking back to place you! Aren’t they nice people! That’s yet another reason for us to go to Blowing Rock. And really I hope you’ll holler if you get up to DC.


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