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Schoolteachers Curt and Cindy Liljedahl (pronounced just as it’s spelled) were in the enviable position of being able to retire when Curt was 54. No, Curt wasn’t a chemistry teacher in Albuquerque. They’re just two extraordinary schoolteachers with some really successful investments. Anyway, they were looking for ideas about how they should spend the next 40 or 50 years, but all of the podcasts about retirement covered investment strategies and medical issues. What to do?

They started their own podcast, AdventuRetired, showcasing different ways people remain active in retirement, how they make life a continuing adventure. All it took was an idea, energy, and a tiny tabletop “studio” in a corner of their bedroom with a microphone and an iPhone. Just skim the AdventuRetired archives for a cornucopia of approaches to retirement — life abroad in various countries, cruises, hiking or biking and camping, and a nomad’s life in an RV or afloat. Curt and Cindy are very good interviewers, and delve into logi$tics, problems to avoid, and how best to reap the benefits. It helps that Cindy and Curt are interested in people, and enter into each adventure at once thoughtfully and enthusiastically — and with great good humor.

Nancy and I discovered AdventuRetired through our good friend and fellow blogger of the excellent Coach4aday blog and the even more excellent Annual Beer Snob Pig Picking. Dan is featured in one of their podcasts, and he connected me with Curt and Cindy as another potential podcast subject. I listened to some of the podcasts and signed up for one that’s to be aired in October or thereabouts. Stay tuned.

After that, Nancy and I listened to more podcasts, and we made a slight detour on our recent State Capital Walks trip to stop by and meet Curt and Cindy at their lakeside home in northern Iowa. Here we all are —

Nice looking, aren’t they — the other three, I mean. Cindy made a delicious lunch and it was a treat to talk to two people who are so interested in others, so open to new possibilities, and so creative. Last winter, Curt laid out an 18-hole golf course on the frozen lake and had a tournament for friends. Note: It matters whether the ball lands on bare ice or deep snow.

I highly recommend AdventuRetired for anyone who is retired or is anywhere near retirement, or just likes interesting people. There are many, many ways to spend “the rest of your life,” and it’s fun and informing to read the many fascinating paths others have taken, and what those paths involved as a practical matter. Each podcast is an opportunity, a lesson, and a confidence builder that you can do it. And Curt and Cindy make it all fun. Listen to a few. If you think you’re already winning at retirement, contact them through their website, and share your formula.


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4 thoughts on “AdventuRetired — Podcasts about Active Retirement

  1. It’s currently scheduled for October, although it’s possible they might actually ind someone more interesting than I. Really, it actually could happen. I’ll link to it on the blog


  2. Quick question – What town in northern Iowa are Cindy and Jim from? You got me at “lakeside home” since I’m from a lake town (Clear Lake) in northern Iowa.

    Cheers, Lyn PS I will definitely give a listen to AdventuRetired.

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