Dairy Queen: The Blizzard

Nancy likes soft-serve ice cream. I’m not particularly fond of it, but I have no objection to stopping for Nancy to get a cone. And there are times when I prick up my ears and start salivating. That’s when she wants to stop at Dairy Queen.

The attraction at Dairy Queen is the Blizzard. The Blizzard is one of those great inventions, like refrigeration, the Weber charcoal grill, and indoor plumbing, that makes life better.

That particular Blizzard comes from our famous Midwestern State Capital Tour. (See posts from July 26 -August 20, 2022.) Nancy and I got up before the roosters to get an early start for our state capital Volksmarch in Bismarck. The temperature was around 72 at dawn, but would rise to over 100. It was a good walk, and the state capitol building itself was very interesting. It’s a skyscraper, one of four in the US. (The others are in Baton Rouge, Tallahassee, and Lincoln.) The interior is a stunning display of Art Deco design, with beautiful uses of wood and stone. The governor’s mansion also is noteworthy for its Prairie style design, and for the fact that it is not surrounded by a fence. Are there any other fenceless governor’s mansions?

We followed the walk with a gorgeous, I mean gorgeous drive down the West Bank of the Missouri River bound for Pierre. We crossed the Missouri at Mobridge, so named as a railroad abbreviation for Missouri Bridge. Mobridge is on the river and probably has lovely areas, but they aren’t apparent on the highway through town, especially on a dusty 100-degree day. Within the waves of heat rising from the road, however, emerged a vision: a Dairy Queen.

We pulled up right in front and dashed from the air conditioned car into the air conditioned Dairy Queen. We each got a small Blizzard.

Then I had that Heath Bar Blizzard pictured above, a delicious marriage of Heath Bar toffee and chocolate with Dairy Queen ice cream. It is cold. It is filling. It is delicious. The thickness should be apparent from the spoon standing up and the erect overflow from the blender. Indeed, the Dairy Queen employee always turns the Blizzard upside down to demonstrate the thickness before handing it to the customer. I think the Blizzard may be free if they don’t, but I’ve never seen it happen. And this was a small Blizzard, enough for a lunch. If you’re just stopping for a treat, the mini-Blizzard does the trick.

Others try to imitate the Blizzard, but to no avail. I discussed one such failure by a Dairy Freeze in Maine here. I grant that there’s a charm to local places that Dairy Queen lacks. I think supporting local places is important, and you can see as much from where I eat. I discuss the issue here. Run-down isn’t a big negative for me, and cleanliness can be over-rated. I’ll go to a place like Zesto in fair weather. But on a hot and miserable day, a day when you don’t want to wait outside, you need a place that makes and serves the best, and does it every single time.

Sometime, when you’re up against it, and the breaks are beating you down, you need to go out there with all you’ve got and just get out and plunk down for the Blizzard. The Gipper would be proud.


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2 thoughts on “Dairy Queen: The Blizzard

  1. I am also a big Dairy Queen fan but my favorite is their chocolate malt. I also like the soft serve, especially the chocolate. I miss it desperately since it seems to be mostly a Midwest phenomenon. There used to be an Orange Julius/Dairy Queen at Montgomery Mall but I haven’t been since before the pandemic. Worth a trip back, maybe. Thanks for the review -I’ll try a blizzard as soon as I get the chance.


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