Smoker’s Delight, White Plains, Charles County, Maryland

After I had enjoyed a first lunch at T & J, we took the 13-minute drive to Lunch 2 at Smoker’s Delight. It’s just off US 301 in White Plains, south of Marlboro. You need to keep an eye out for the sign because it’s tucked into the rear of a three-storey building.

OK, the photo is tilted. It was raining, and that’s out the car window. Besides, “The food blogger aesthetic has given way to something more realistic and DIY.” It says so here. I’m On Trend.

Brian Israel only recently opened his place, after pulling his trailer to everything from cigar parties to farmers’ markets to major festivals. He fed enough very happy people to open his brick and mortar place, and it’s nice and clean and bright.

It’s carryout now, although there is a counter with stools. Nancy and I didn’t presume, so we took our food out to the car. More on that later.

Brian came over and introduced himself, and we chatted a bit about things like how he cooks the collards (a seasoning blend). He’s big, friendly guy

who’s very serious about barbecue. I verified that he cooks exclusively with wood, which was pretty easy since I’d checked the cooker outside.

Nancy and I ordered. She ordered beautiful candied yams

and some coleslaw.

She focused on the candied yams, which looked really good. She didn’t offer me any, though. She really liked the slaw until she got near the bottom of the container, where the dressing had pooled. At that point it became overdressed and, I suspect, Nancy was feeling a little guilty about indulging in those candied yams. When I got home I poured off some of the dressing, which would have been awkward in the car. Problem solved. Good slaw.

Since I’d just eaten a few minutes before, I limited myself to a rib box

with collards as my side. Always eat your vegetables.

We took everything out to the car. I mentioned the awkwardness of eating a sandwich in the front seat of my car as opposed to commandeering the passenger seat at T & J. Try doing that with a big plastic container of ribs. I managed through a mix of my amazing dexterity and utter lack of concern for my clothing.

The ribs were very, very good. Literally finger licking good, even without any sauce. They didn’t need any. They were meaty with a good smoke flavor and a nice rub. I’ve really been impressed by the quality of ribs in Southern Maryland, what with Rolling Rib Part II, Smokehouse BBQ Shack, T & J, and now Smoker’s Delight. And the collards, although not as meaty as I like, had a very good flavor, and a good chop, too — bite sized. Very good.

As we were pulling away, Brian came out with a couple of nice slices of his brisket. I was anything but hungry at this point, but I took a bite, as did Nancy. And another. This was beautifully tender and flavorful brisket.

You should hustle on over to Smoker’s Delight and get some ribs, collards, candied yams, and, really some of everything, including the fried whiting and the sweet potato pie. This is a good place, and you owe it to yourself to go there.


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