Speedy Lohr’s Barbecue, Lexington, North Carolina

After a breakfast and two lunches on Day 2 (of four) of my Drive through Hell Recovery Tour, I drove down to Huntersville and checked into my hotel in preparation for Day 3. I then turned around and drove back to Lexington for an early dinner at Speedy Lohr’s and put a beautiful cap on the day.

It’s a nondescript place out pretty much by itself,

and you might easily miss it in the darkness but for the bright sign.

The Barbecue Bros rate Speedy Lohr’s high, I believe in the top four now, among the many Lexington restaurants. I missed it on my initial Piedmont Tour de Barbecue. At that time, there were three different and independently owned (I think) Speedy’s: Speedy Lohr’s, Speedy’s, and Speedy Lohr’s of Arcadia. The Lexington area is awash with people named Lohr in all walks of life. If you google “Lohr Lexington NC” you get “about 541,000 results.”

Not being aware of the Barbecue Bros at the time, I decided to start with the simplest name, Speedy’s, with the intent of working my way through all three eventually. That turned out to be a mistake. That Speedy’s had abandoned all-wood cooking. Speedy’s, like the great and wonderful Smiley’s, has fallen victim to the depredations of the North Carolina Department of Transportation, and Speedy Lohr’s fell during the covid lockdowns.

At last I found my way to Speedy Lohr’s, and it was worth the wait. I ordered once again a barbecue tray (pork and slaw), which as if by a law of nature came with hushpuppies. The bill ran to$12.04 including tax

Now that’s a lot of hushpuppies. They’re very small, as you can see, and very tasty. They’re also deceptive in the way that Entenmann’s tiny chocolate chip cookies are. You eat one and think, that’s only about four calories (self-deception is part of cookie-eating) and so you eat another and another and pretty soon they’re all gone. Being a model of self restraint, I can honestly say that I did not eat every one of those hushpuppies.

I did eat all of the meat and slaw. Let’s take a closer look.

The smoky pork was moderately rough chop, moist and flavorful, and tossed with a sauce that made the meat shine. The slaw was yet another fine red slaw, the perfect accompaniment to the rich pork and the hushpuppies.

My only disappointment with Speedy Lohr’s was that they only offer pork skin sandwiches on Thursdays. Actually I had no idea that they served pork skin sandwiches until I arrived and saw the sandwiches, along with trays and boxes, on the menu. Had I known I would have hit Speedy Lohr’s on Thursday straight from Backyard BBQ Pit, and adjusted the remainder of my schedule accordingly. I honestly don’t know whether the pork skins are like those at Sweet Lew’s or like the magnificent squares of skin at Sid’s Catering. Either way, I want to try one.

And that’s one more reason for you Dear Reader, to head on down to Speedy Lohr’s for a fine barbecue and slaw tray with hushpuppies, and maybe a skin sandwich. Do it for yourself.


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8 thoughts on “Speedy Lohr’s Barbecue, Lexington, North Carolina

  1. This is Speedy Lohr’s (on Highway 8 south of Lexington), right? That’s an unusual place, because they switched from gas back to wood. The young couple who own it bought a building whose previous owners were gassers but had left the old wood-cooking pits in place. God bless them.


      1. I’m pretty sure the one in Arcadia never stopped cooking with wood. Speedy’s in Lexington went to gas and never looked back.

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      2. Speedy Lohr’s and Speedy Lohr’s of Arcadia have the same address on Highway 8. It’s one place. The Barbecue Bros report that what was Speedy Lohr’s of Arcadia became Arcadia Q, which has now closed. It was a gas place. I’m told that it’s reopened as https://www.facebook.com/SouthernFirePit . I’m told they actually use a pit and I’ve sent an inquiry an inquiry


      1. Doesn’t make sense that Speedy Lohr’s of Arcadia has a Route 8 address since that’s south of Lexington and Arcadia is north, but strange things are happening. I shouldn’t have said that I’m “pretty sure” about anything concerning SL’s of A. I last ate there about 2006, at which time it was wood-cooking. I’m sorry to hear of its subsequent decline and fall.

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  2. I guess they consolidated and keep both names now lest they upset some of the Arcadia fans. It is odd.
    At any rate, Southern Fire pit says that they cook everything over the pit. I didn’t cross-examine them or ask for a pinky swear,, so it’s not 100% clear that it’s all wood, but it look like it well might.


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