Smokecraft Modern BBQ, Arlington, Virginia

Remember my initial post on Smokecraft? That’s when I went with Sean Ludwig of NYC BBQ, the definitive guide to barbecue in that metropolis, and The Smoke Sheet, the national guide to barbecue places, trends, and events. We ate everything at Smokecraft that wasn’t tied down and a few things that were. Then we went over to Ruthie’s All Day for another dinner.

I was impressed by much at Smokecraft, but our initial serving of pork had been scraped from the bottom of the barrel, even though we’d specifically asked that it be held until an imminent fresh batch was ready. Oh, the trials and tribulations of a restauranteur in the midst of a severe labor shortage! The embarrassed owner, Andrew Darnell, brought out a fresh batch, and it was just delicious. That raised an issue. Was the second batch specially selected because he knew he would serve a distinguished blogger? And also me.

I stayed the judgmental hand until I had a chance to return. The chance came only recently due to my pressing duties as Senior Deputy Nanny for Ella and Lily. Even then, I was in a great rush to get the food and leave to pick up Lily at preschool. I ordered it to go. An obdurate parking meter refused to print out a ticket for my windshield despite my threats and blandishments. I rushed in, placed my order, and paced the floor for a couple minutes that seemed like many more. Then it arrived, and rather than wait I sat down and opened it up.

It was a very generous sandwich. This pork was very tender, moist, and had a touch of smoke flavor, and there was a whole lot of it. A leavening of outside meat varied the flavor and texture. The sandwich came deconstructed, as you can see, with a grilled and buttered roll and slaw. Butter makes everything better, and the slaw offered balance. This was a fine sandwich.

As I urged in my original review of Smokecraft, you should hustle over to Arlington and give the place a try. My initial review highlighted the good turkey, the tender and moist brisket, the amazing Duroc pork belly, the fine sausage, and the excellent smoked chicken, and this test reaffirms the quality of the pork. Go there, and you’ll have a fine meal whatever meat you order.


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2 thoughts on “Smokecraft Modern BBQ, Arlington, Virginia

  1. I guess you are now advocating for automated barbecue. Feels like a contradiction of all of your previous work. I guess it’s where smoking meats is heading now, sadly. I’ll keep reading you.

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    1. It’s certainly possible to cook good-tasting pork any number of ways. See reviews of Parker’s and Morris, and I give credit where it’s due. The best barbecue is cooked with wood only and the best pork comes from a pit with direct heat. See my post on UNESCO

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