Quan Nuong Cay Sun, Hanoi, Vietnam

Nancy is in Hanoi, seeing the sights for a few days before the start of the Operation Smile mission in Quang Gnai.  She is so nice that she left the air conditioned comfort of her hotel ($48 per night — she refused to stay in the Marriott which would have cost about $100) in search of barbecue.  Thanks to Google, she found out about Quan … Continue reading Quan Nuong Cay Sun, Hanoi, Vietnam

Braai: The Grill Unites South Africa

Our Senior Pretoria Correspondent, Janet Katz, shares an introduction to the South African version of grilled meat — the braai (rhymes with fry) — from the New York Times, complete with slide show. Trigger warning:   As usual with the New York Times, the slide show leads with a photograph of meat being burned to a crisp by high flames.  Please do not show that … Continue reading Braai: The Grill Unites South Africa

Barbecue in Vietnam?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Nancy will be going to Vietnam with Operation Smile in June.  https://johntannersbbqblog.wordpress.com/2016/05/20/barbecue-road-trip/.  She’ll be working 12+ hours a day in hard conditions to transform people’s lives for the better, which is a far cry from what people usually expect of Washingtonians, and that deserves some good meals. She’ll spend a few days in Hanoi, and then head to … Continue reading Barbecue in Vietnam?